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To maintain the water of your pool in the best conditions for bathing, you need to clean the water and have the proper filtration system, which can be achieved with a good filtration and purification equipment.


The filter and the pump are the main elements of a purifier. The filter cleans and purifies the water of the pool, while the pump is the motor making the water of the pool circle and pass through the filter.


There are different types of filters for swimming pools, both for in-ground and above-ground pools.


At Gre, we have the following options for the pools:


Pool Purifier with Sand Filter


The purification of the pool with a sand filter is the most popular product in the market. It solves the filtration needs of almost all removable pools with a compact equipment that is easy to install and to use, with a minimum of maintenance.


The sand purifier from Gre includes the filtration pump, the filter, a control valve and a manometer showing the pressure of the pool pump flow. Of course, you also need some flint sand.


That type of purifier with sand filter is good for all types of removable pools, and all pool shapes available at Gre.


The sand filter purifier is perfect for removable pools with a volume of water between 32 m³ to 75 m³ and offer a filtration capacity between 4,000 and 7,000 litres per hour.


The sand filters retain all the impurities of the water of the pool in the flint sand located inside the tank.


In the sand filter purifiers, the water of the pool is pushed by the pump of the purifier, forcing it to pass through the sand, where the dirt and other particles get stuck. The sand is the filter environment.


The filtration process must run for at least four continuous hours, maybe more depending on the volume of the pool and the filtration capacity of the filter. Of course, you also have to consider how dirty the water of the pool is. It’s important to control on a regular basis the amount of dirt/garbage in the filter.


The control valve of the pool sand filter purifier can also allow you to do more than filter the water of the pool, depending on the type of purifier you have.


At Gre, the pool filters are certified to the European norms, which guarantees the compliance with the current safety regulations.


The sand filter filtration or purification system is made out in one piece of a plastic material. It’s compact and includes all the necessary components for the pool filtration.


Cartridge Filters for Swimming Pools


The cartridge filter is the most economical option among the pool filtration systems. That cartridge filter is indicated for pools with a low volume of filtration, below 4,000 litres, so for smaller pools that don’t require a filtration pump normally.


Its operation is simple: it picks up water from the top and returns it to the pool once it is filtered through a nozzle or lower valve.


Its maintenance is minimal, you only need to clean or replace the cartridge when it is blocked by the dirt and garbage from the pool.


It is recommended to place the cartridge filter against the wind, so it helps the dirt to get to the filter.


Gre offers different cartridge filters with different capacities and colours, perfect for smaller pools.


Aqualoon Filter Pool Purifier


The pool purifier with an Aqualoon filter is an ecological filtration product, very new on the filters market for residential swimming pools. The Aqualoon purifier is an alternative to the traditional filtration systems we just examined: the sand filter and cartridge filter. The Aqualoon filter is designed to respect and take care of the environment.


The Aqualoon purifier is good for pools that are removable, in-ground or above-ground, with a water volume up to 19 m³. It has a filtration capacity of 4,000 litres per hour.


The Aqualoon purifier has a great capacity to attract the impurities and residues from the pool, as small as three microns, much smaller than the sand filter purifier, preventing obstructions. The Aqualoon filter is a filter more effective than the sand filter system. The operation of an Aqualoon filter is very simple: the water from the pool passes through the pump and enters the filtration tank, the dirt is deposited in the filter balls and the purified water returns to the swimming pool.


The filter balls are made out of polyethylene at 100%, a recyclable material which is not toxic, and that catches all types of dirt and garbage that you might have in your pool.


The water must be filtrated, at the minimum, three to five times a day, depending on the pool volume and the performance of the pump. However, it requires at least 12 hours of work daily so the filter balls can do a good filtration of the pool water.


It is necessary to check often the performance of the filtration tank, because the performance is reduced as the level of water contamination increases. You’ll have to clean the filter by washing the filter balls in a washing machine at 30 °C maximum, or by replacing them if they are too used.


Remember that to use a pool filter or a pool purifier you need to have a pump powerful enough to properly filter the water of your pool.  A clean pool with less dirt will mean you’ll use less chemical products to maintain it.


Spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.


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  1. Buonasera,
    Ho acquistato una vostra piscina 5×3 con filtro aqualoon. La pompa e’ rimasta in funzione 12 ore ma sulla superficie dell’acqua ci sono ancora moscerini e altro. Sembra che la pompa sia poco potente o le palline non funzionano. E’ possibile utilizzare la sabbia al posto delle palline?

  2. Buongiorno,
    Se ha la filtrazione FAQ200 non è possibile cambiare le palline per la sabbia, dovrebbe cambiare la filtrazione completa.
    Un saluto

  3. Hello

    I have just bought the following pool: GRE Bora Bora 460 x 122 cm.
    This pool includes a cartridge filter.
    Now i need to know if is possible to change that filter with a sand filter???

    Please give me as soon as possible an answer.

    Thank you in advanced.

  4. Hello,
    There is no problem if you buy sand filter for your pool, you will need to check pool size to get the filter which fits better.

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