Removable pools: add a shower to your pool

Once summer arrives we all love to enjoy the sun and the water outside.


If you enjoy your backyard at home and you have a swimming pool, no matter the design of the model or the material of the pool; wooden pools, steel pools, composite pools … after a good dip what you want and what is recommended is a nice shower to eliminate any remaining chemical product such as chlorine, for example. If, on the other hand, you do not have a pool (in GRE, we offer you many possibilities in terms of swimming pools) but you’d like a cool shower outside to cool off during a warm afternoon, we also have you covered.


In addition to using the shower after bathing, using the shower before entering the pool will reduce the amount of organic matter and dirt that is introduced into the water, which will contribute to a lesser use of chemical products as we will impact as little as possible the water quality of the pool.


To enjoy a shower this summer, it is not necessary to enter the house, you only need an outdoor shower for your garden, which is also the perfect complement to any pool.


Gre offers a wide range of outdoor showers, with different designs for all tastes: with various shower heads, with tap for the feet, and even with hot water thanks to the new models of solar shower for swimming pools.


Tips on showers for swimming pools


The installation of an outdoor shower for swimming pools behind your home will depend on the space and use that you are going to make of it. Being able to install a portable pool shower that you can transport anywhere or making a base and anchorage to the floor if you are going to install it permanently, as it is the case of the solar shower for a swimming pool.


The location of the solar shower should obviously be in a sunny spot outdoor in your garden to take maximum advantage of the sun’s action to heat the water accumulated in the tank. The solar shower, as well as the standard pool shower, should be close to a water intake and a drain.


As we have already mentioned, it is very important to take a shower before entering the pool, because it helps to keep the water in optimal condition for bathing. It is also important to have clean feet. For that purpose, Gre offers a footwash for removable pools, perfect to place at the base of the pool ladder.


The foot bath, made out of a high-resistance blue plastic material, allows you to clean your feet just before entering the pool, preventing the water from getting too dirty with the soil or grass that may be around the pool. The foot bath has a non-slip bottom that prevents slips and falls. In addition, its fun design that encourages children to use it.


Models of Showers for Swimming Pools: The Solar Shower


The installation of an outdoor solar shower in your home backyard, terrace or around the pool is very simple, you just need a water source and depending on the model, an anchor to the ground. The solar shower heats up the water by solar energy and, therefore, does not consume electricity.


Gre offers the possibility of having an outdoor solar shower that will be perfectly integrated with all the models of swimming pools available and with the decoration of your backyard, even if you still do not have a pool.


Among the different models of solar showers available, we have to mention the solar aluminium showers that can be black or with a wooden aspect, and the solar showers for PVC pools; of black colour or also of wooden aspect. The choice of one model or the other will depend on the use that you are going to make, as well as the place where you are going to install it and the climate that you have.  The solar showers of aluminium the most lasting.


The solar showers have a storage tank, with a capacity between 20 and 35 litres, which heats the water inside through the power obtained by solar energy to which its panel is exposed. This type of solar shower for swimming pools has a mixer tap that facilitates the adjustment of both the temperature and the water flow rate. In addition to a large sprayer, some models include a lower foot bath tap for comfort.


The Most Versatile Pool Showers: The Standard Showers


Gre offers a wide range of standard outdoor showers for swimming pools suitable for any budget. Within this series of showers for swimming pools, we find more basic showers. They are adaptable to any backyard, only needing a connection through a hose for water intake, but they do not have the possibility of having hot water.


Among these types of showers, the most basic and economic one, but also very functional, is the portable aluminium shower. It allows you to have a shower in the pool or backyard without any installation, simply connect the shower to the garden hose and that’s it. It is a light and very handy shower, it can be carried from one place to another with ease. Installed and uninstalled quickly in the pool or backyard. The portable outdoor shower has a tripod base that guarantees its stability. It is easily adaptable, thanks to its adjustable height and the adjustable head.


If you have a removable pool at home, the shower with attachment to the stairs is very practical and comfortable to be right there when you’re entering or leaving the pool. Very easy to install and adaptable with its adjustable height.


Another type of outdoor shower for pools are the stainless steel showers with minimalist aesthetics. Thanks to the stainless steel, these outdoor showers offer a great durability and resistance to the weather. With a modern design and an attractive rectangular sprayer with anti-scale treatment, these stainless steel showers are very easy to install and are available with a foot bath at the bottom of the shower.


If you need more information about the different types of outdoor shower, both solar shower and standard shower models or any other products or accessories for swimming pools, follow us on YouTubeFacebook or on our blog.


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