Heating the water in your pool is possible

We are at that time of the year when it is still cold in some places. That is why we bring you the perfect idea to heat the water in your pool and start enjoying the bath.

Pool heating

Did you know that there are heaters to heat the water of your pool? At GRE we have different models and designs that adapt to all types of above-ground pools.

Heat pumps – operation

Our best seller product to heat your pool are GRE heat pumps. They are available in different models; standard, inverter or mini format, for smaller pools.


These pumps work using the outside air itself, so they are an inexpensive way to increase the temperature of the water enough to avoid making an impression on us when we get in.


What our pumps do is transform that air into energy and convert it into heat; transferring to our pool. These pumps are installed after the filtration system.

Heat pumps – models

Our standard model of heat pumps is suitable for large volume swimming pools; they can heat pools up to 75m3. These pumps need a by-pass kit; that will make the water circulate from the pool to the heat pump.


These pumps include a cover to protect them in winter; when they cannot be used, because they are only useful in temperatures of 7-43ºC.


Our mini heat pumps are easier to install, they do not require a by-pass kit to heat the water. They are perfect for low volume pools, up to 40m3.


They work between a temperature of 12-42ºC so it is important not to use it at lower or higher temperatures as it can spoil.

New inverter pumps

This year we have launched a new model of Inverter heat pumps, suitable for pools up to 95m3.


Inverter technology allows you to regulate the speed of the fan, and thus not consume so much energy, which means a reduction in costs. Therefore, when the temperature is higher and there is no need for the pump to operate at 100%, it can be regulated and thus avoid wasting energy.

What is the best pump for me?

One of the main factors in choosing the heat pump is the volume of your pool. But you also have to take into account the ambient temperature where we live.


If you buy the pump based on your pool only, it may be a mistake because if you live in an area that is too cold, it may not heat the water and freeze. The opposite can happen in warmer areas.


Therefore, we leave you a heat map with the average temperature in the main European cities. In the following images you can see what pump model you will need depending on where you live and the pool you have.



If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask us.


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