Cover your pool in summer? Do it!

The temperature of the water in your pool is very important, so to maintain it you will need a summer cover; especially if you live in areas where it cools at night.

Cover types

There are different types of covers that vary their characteristics such as thickness to suit the different seasons of the year. These covers adapt to all types of pools regardless of the shape they have.

Winter covers

At GRE we have winter covers that are very resistant to protect the pool outside of the bathing season.


These covers helping keep the pool clean by preventing all kinds of debris from falling during the winter outside of the bathing season. In addition, winter covers are also useful especially in colder areas, to prevent the pool water from turning to ice.

Summer covers

We also have summer covers that are designed to be used during the bathing season. In some places, when the sun goes down the ambient temperature drops several degrees and this causes the pool water to stay cold.


This cover helps to keep the water warm so you won’t feel as impressed by taking a bath the next morning, when the sun hasn’t warmed up enough yet.


The cover remains floating on the water and generates bubbles that act as a thermal insulator maintaining the temperature of the water.


In addition, the covers help to keep dirt out and in this way you will not have to be cleaning the surface or the bottom of the pool constantly.


Summer covers are specifically designed to be 400 microns thick for quality and strength, while avoiding costly removal and replacement. In addition, they have an anti-UV treatment to avoid being damaged by the sun.

Rollers to collect the cover

At GRE we have reels that make it easy for you to fold and extend the cover at all times. In this way, you can place the roller on one side so that it does not disturb and you can put the cover on every night and remove it every morning without any effort.


These rollers are usually screwed onto the side of the pool (on the beaches) but if your pool is in-ground, at GRE we have at your disposal the solar roller for in-ground pools that includes a remote control.




Now you can take that morning bath in your pool without feeling like putting your foot in. Get your pool ready for this summer.


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