Which pool cleaner is the best for a removable pool? – Part 1

If you have your pool dirty, discover the differences of the pool cleaners and buy the most suitable one. There are different types of cleaners, what is the best for your pool?

Manual cleaners

These kind of cleaners are the cheapest one. There are very easy use pool cleaners, and they clean all the dirt of the bottom of the pool manually. They include a telescopic handle to make easier the cleaning.
The manual pool cleaners are perfect for the maintenance of small or medium-sized removable pools, and they clean the flat bottom of any pool.

How do they work?

They include a hose that connects directly to the skimmer or discharge valve. This will absorb water and dirt, which is trapped in the cleaner’s filter. It works like a vacuum cleaner that accumulates the particles from the bottom in the filter and must be emptied after each use.
Like home vacuum cleaners, some models like the Medium Vac include two interchangeable nozzles; one of them with a brush.

Electric pool cleaners

The electric cleaners work with a battery, which in some models is multispeed. They do not need cables and they recharge in about 3 hours. The battery last between 45 minutes and an hour, depending on the power. Some models include a pole for added comfort.
They work in a similar way to the manuals; we are the ones who must pass it for the bottom of the pool to clean it. The advantage is that it does not have cables or is connected to any place so they have greater autonomy and freedom of movement.
These models of pool cleaners are specially prepared to clean above ground and underground removable pools. In addition to the bottom of the pool, cleaners clean small corners and accessories such as stairs.

How do I choose the best electric pool cleaner for my pool?

We must bear in mind that these models have different powers and filtering capacity. The GRE battery cleaners range between 10 and 35W of power; the suction capacity being between 0.015 to 5.4m3 / h.
To choose the right one, you have to know the volume of the pool. If our pool is about 10m3, we will need an electric pool cleaner that sucks an average of approximately 3m3 / h with a minimum power of about 20W.
If you already have one and you have problems with the cleaner or if you want to discover the rest of the range, stay informed.


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