Ladders, the safety complement for your pool

Pool ladders are the main complement for the safety of the pool. Many times we think that ladders are simply a comfortable element to access the pool. However, their main function is safety because they help prevent accidents.

Inground pool ladders

Inground pool ladders are mainly made of stainless steel and they have between 3 and 4 steps. To prevent accidents, the steps are non-slip. In addition, the feet have a rubber so that it does not damage the pool liner.


There are two different formats of buried stairs; those that only have anchors on the outside of the pool, and those that are anchored both outside and inside the pool. The latter include fixing anchors and there are more comfortable to prevent swinging during descent or ascent.

Elevated Pool ladders

Elevated pool ladders are somewhat different as they are scissor-shaped and have steps on both sides; to be able to go up from outside the pool and go down inside, and vice versa. This type of ladders has a platform at the top that allows us to sit or lean on it to facilitate bathing.


These ladders are not attached to the pool in any way, but they have a kind of shoes on both sides that make it stable without the need to screw it. Thus, they are easier to remove and put on, or change the place in the pool without much effort.

Safety ladders

As we have said before, the stairs are a safety element in our pool. They help to get in and out of them, making it easier for us to swim. In addition to this, at GRE we have specific safety ladders that help preventing accidents.


This type of ladder adapts to all types of removable pools. They are stairs with non-slip steps that facilitate access to the pool, but also the external staircase is removable for greater safety.


What we avoid with these stairs is that when we are not using the pool, children or animals do not get on and they can fall into the water.

What’s new?

This year we have added to our catalogue a new safety ladder with 4 non-slip rungs and it is suitable for all types of pools; both those 120cm deep and 132cm deep.


In addition, these stairs are blow moulded and their outer staircase is removable; rises and thus the stairs are unusable without having to remove them.



Take advantage of this year and get a ladder for your pool. You still don’t have a pool? Choose yours and get one as soon as possible.


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