What is the temperature of your pool?

Spring is just here, and the low temperatures are no more here so we can begin to enjoy those first sunbeams that are already heating up. Now is the time when we can start to prepare our pool and enjoy it.

Tuning the pool

The most important thing to take a dip in the pool again, is undoubtedly to check all the parameters of the water and perform a shock treatment to keep it in optimal condition.


For this, it is very important to maintain the pH between 7.2 and 7.6 and use a chlorine treatment once the parameters are stabilized.

The temperature

There is no perfect temperature for your pool since many factors depend on it, such as the location of the pool, the region in which it is located or the weather.


However, it is interesting to know the temperature of the water. There are different methods to regulate it and it does not give us so much impression to take a bath.

Basic thermometers

Among the range of pool thermometers, the buoy thermometer is one of the most basic. It is a mercury thermometer placed in a buoy that floats in the pool and tells you the temperature of the water.


These thermometers usually include a string to avoid having it floating throughout the pool. Thus, we can leave it tied in a fixed way on the stairs.

Decorated thermometers

Among our range of basic thermometers, we have some of them with specific decorations to make bathing more fun. These thermometers have the float at the top so that it is the only thing in sight.


They are shaped like different animals such as fishes, whales, tortoises…

Digital thermometers

Digital thermometers are a higher range than the basic ones because the temperature reading is digital. This floating thermometer has a temperature display that allows an easy reading of it without having to remove it from the water.


This thermometer works with solar energy, but you can also use the battery that is included. In addition, it has an integrated internal float to always maintain its vertical position.

Blue Connect GO

The Blue Connect measures all the water parameters in real time, including the temperature of your pool. With this device you will be able to know the status of your pool and know what kind of treatment it needs.


It is not properly a thermometer, but one of its functions is to measure the temperature of the water, and you can see it from your mobile.

The temperature increases

If it seems to you that the water is still very cold but you want to take a bath, you always have the option of buying a heat pump for your pool. That’s right, our heat pumps increase the water temperature a few degrees to make your bath more pleasant.



You can start enjoying your pool!


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