Light up your pool this season

The time to open your pool has come, is now when you have to light up your pool and enjoy it even when the sun goes down.
If you are not sure which light you need, here we help you to decide.

Lighting for above-ground pools

If you have an above-ground pool, you can install a white or coloured LED spotlight. There are different ways to install a spotlight in the pool and here we are going to explain to you all about them, so do not miss out on the details.

Lamps connected to the return vale

This type of LED floodlight is very easy to install and does not require work as it takes advantage of the space of the pool´s return valve to connect it. They are available in different colours to give a personalised touch.

Magnetic lamps

Another way to place a spotlight in your pool is through a magnet. In this case, it is not necessary to do any building work either, so it is very easy to install. This type of lighting is limited to Steel pools because of the magnet.
One advantage is that it includes a remote control to facilitate the operation of the lamp, being able to adjust the lighting and colours.

New hanging system

This year we launched a new mounting system for energy-saving LED lamps. They are installed in the pool through a hanging system and are suitable for all types of above-ground pools.
It is very easy to install. Simply remove the beach from the pool and fit the projector which Will be submerged in the water for a wider view.

Inground pool lighting

If you have an in-ground pool you can also enjoy it at night with an energy-saving LED spotlight.
These lamps are prepared for complete submersion and can withstand temperatures of up to 30°C in water.
They are manufactured in the European Union and are very easy to install. They also save up to 90% energy compared to a halogen lamp.

Other lighting

If you think that lightning your pool is temporary, there are floating lights. They offer lights of all colours thanks to the solar energy they are charged with; you can also add batteries.
This type of lamp has 7 different programs designed to illuminate both the walls and the bottom of the pool and to extend the range of light.


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