Types of cover for a swimming pool

Covering your pool is the best option to protect it at any time of the year. You just need to know what type of cover is best suited to your pool depending on the season.
Why do you need a cover?
In GRE we have two types of covers; winter covers and isothermal covers. Whether you are using the pool or not, you need to protect it with an appropriate cover.

Winter cover

Winter covers are thicker and more resistant to low temperatures. In addition, they are capable of supporting more weight since rain or snow can be trapped in the cover.
This type of cover completely protects the pool area; that is, the cover is outside the removable pool held by ropes and thus prevents anything from falling into the water.
In addition, the cover remains taut over the profile of the pool since the objective is that it is not in direct contact with the water at any time. This helps prevent the water from freezing.
When we stop swimming in the pool and we no longer carry out a regular water analysis, that water deteriorates for different reasons. On the one hand, due to the lack of chemicals such as chlorine or lack of cleaning, the water becomes cloudy and ceases to be crystal clear.
Having the pool outdoors also affects the quality of the water. Wind and rain modify the pH of the water and cause some particles to fall into the water, generating the appearance of algae.

Summer covers

However, isothermal covers are less thick, which is why they are used during the summer. They are prepared to protect the pool in more favorable conditions than winter.
While the winter cover protects the pool from low temperatures or rain, an isothermal cover is limited to preventing elements such as leaves or bugs from falling into the water during the bathing season.
This type of cover is somewhat lighter and easier to install since it only covers the surface of the water, resting on it. Therefore, it is useful for above-ground pools but also for in-ground pools.
It is also very easy to remove and put on since the main objective is to use it during the bathing season. The ideal is to cover the pool at night to prevent dirt from falling into the water, in addition to maintaining the water temperature.
In this way, you avoid that when the sun goes down the water temperature drops a few degrees and the next morning it is difficult to take a bath.
Are you already clear about the cover you need for your pool?


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