Sand filter, the perfect choice for your pool

Filtration in a swimming pool is one of the key for maintaining the water in perfect condition. There are different types of filtration as we have seen other times, but the sand filter is one of the most complete filters.

Types of sand filters

Gre offers a wide range of sand filters that adapt to each pool for proper work. We currently have more than 5 different filters, with different characteristics that adapt to the volume of the pool.


If the volume of the water is high, we will need a larger tank to filter the water. The same goes for the power of the pump. A more powerful pump will be needed to be able to perform the cleaning process properly.

The components

The sand treatment plant is made up of different pieces that work in harmony to carry out a complete cleaning of the pool water.


On the one hand, we have the tank, where the filter media is going to be, and that will be in charge of cleaning the water. The flint sand is the most usual one for the cleaning process, but it can also be glass.


On the other hand, most of these treatment filters include a pre-filter, which performs a previous washing, retaining the largest particles, avoiding damaging the pump.


This pump will be responsible to drive the water and make it circulate it from the pool to the purifier to clean it, and vice versa once it is clean.


It should be noted that the purifier must be connected to both, the pump and the pre-filter from hoses that are not usually included.


These purifiers include a pressure gauge so you can know what the pressure of the pump flow is.

The functions

The main function of the sand filter is to receive the water from the pool thanks to the pump, and to carry out a cleaning process to return it to the pool once it is purified.


In addition to this main function, this filter usually has a 5-way valve (those with the largest volume have 6) that performs other secondary functions such as rinsing, filtration, emptying or closing.


In this way, when we want to deactivate the water flow because we need to carry out an action such as changing the sand, thanks to the valve we can close the water flow.

The care

The sand scrubber is very easy to install and once it works properly you don’t have to worry about anything.


However, it requires a minimal maintenance like changing sand. From use, it can become compacted, making the filtration less effective.



Changing the sand is a very simple process, take a look at this tutorial on our YouTube channel and discover how to do it.


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