3 tips to clean your above ground pool

If you are going to clean your removable pool to keep it in perfect condition, you must follow these steps:

1. Pool waters’ health

The first step to keep the pool clean is to have the water in perfect condition. For that, it is necessary to have all the parameters adjusted, such as the pH or the chlorine level.
These parameters must have the appropriate levels to avoid the appearance of bacteria and particles that can harm the water in our pool.

Essential products for regular cleaning

In addition to chlorine, which is the king of pool treatment, there are other products that help keeping pool water clean at all times. These products can be used in a complementary way.
The flocculant prevents the water from becoming cloudy and helps keeping it healthy and crystal clear. What this product achieves is to group all the particles that are suspended in the water and remove them to the bottom to be able to collect them later with a pool cleaner.
The multiactions are very complete treatments when it comes to keeping the pool clean. They keep the water clear, helping regulate chlorine and preventing the water from turning green due to the appearance of microorganisms.

2. Main pool cleaning

One of the main elements when it comes to keeping the pool in perfect condition is the use of a pool cleaner. There are different pool cleaners, depending on our kind of pool and what we are going to clean.
The best function for the pool cleaner is that removes the dirt from the bottom of the pool and also from its walls. The dirt that the skimmer is unable to collect, remains trapped at the bottom and these particles are the ones that can cloud the water.
To avoid this, it is recommended to pass the pool cleaner continuously while the pool is using. If we use the pool daily, we may need to pass the pool cleaner almost daily.

Complementary cleaning

In addition to a pool cleaner, it is important to have a complementary net to catch surface dirt. This is used specially before taking a bath to remove the leaves or insects that have been floating.

3. Cleaning the accessories

In a swimming pool, we cannot forget the stairs. These types of elements that are in direct contact with water must be kept clean. This helps maintaining the water clean for a long time.
There are special sponges to clean stainless steel that is in contact with water and thus prevent these elements from collecting dirt and becoming encrusted.
There are other factors that can damage the pools’ health: the skimmer. This element collects the dirt from the surface, preventing it from falling to the bottom, and it has a basket where the dirt is accumulated.
If we do not check the condition of this basket and empty it from time to time, it may fill up and block the flow of water, leaving it cloudy.

Pool filter

There are other important elements in cleaning the water, such as the filter. This element is responsible for collecting the dirty water that enters through the skimmer and returning it to the pool again once it has been cleaned.
That is why a large part of the dirt is trapped in the filter and we must carry out periodic maintenance.
If the filter is a cartridge filter, this filter must be changed when we see that it does not filter correctly. If, however, we have a sand filter, every so often we must change the sand; depending on the use of the pool.
Although we change the sand, from time to time we are going to hose it down with water to remove the dirt trapped in this filter and prevent it from clogging.

Each of these steps is necessary for the pool water to stay clean and free of bacteria for longer.


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