Ecological products for your pool

Having an ecological pool helps reducing the impact on the environment. Do you want to know how to do it?
Today there are ecological products that, in addition to helping to reduce pollution, they help savings at home.

Solar energy

The heat generated by the sun is a renewable energy source that helps in the operation of some electrical devices by generating electricity for them. This type of energy can also provide heat.

Solar heating

Solar heating for swimming pools is powered by solar energy, converting it into hot water. It works with solar panels that feed on sunlight to generate energy.
With this energy generated, solar heating heats the water it receives and returns it back to the pool once it is hot.

Solar showers

Solar showers use solar energy to heat water. These types of showers have a drum where the water accumulates; They can be up to 40 liters in capacity.
The sun’s rays generate energy that is used to heat the water stored in the shower container. In this way, when we want to take a shower in the garden or terrace, the water will already be hot.
Another advantage is that this does not involve an economic expense at home since the water is heated with renewable energy, so the gas bill will not be affected.

Reusable products

Giving a second life to some products and being able to make the most of them is another way to help the planet. Thus we avoid mass consumption and try to reuse everything possible.

Aqualoon filtration system

This filter is an effective way to make the pool more sustainable.
Swimming pool filtration systems usually have a filter to trap all the dirt in the pool water.
This type of filters, as they are usually cartridge or sand, have a single useful life; that is, once a large amount of particles accumulate, you have to throw it away and buy more sand or cartridges.
However, the Aqualoon filter is reusable.
How does it work? The filtration system that goes in the tank are cotton balls. These balls absorb dirt from the pool and when we notice that the system does not filter well, it would be time to change them.
However, unlike other filters, we do not need to throw away the balls and buy new ones, we will simply put them in the washing machine to remove all the dirt particles.
In this way we are recycling the balls since when the dirt has been removed in the washing machine, they can be placed back in the filter again.

If you have not yet made your pool more ecological, you already know how to do it.


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