Solar shower. All you need to know.

The solar shower is one of the essential accessories for the swimming pool in our garden. It is vital to enter free of dirt and lotions if we want the chemical balance of our pool to remain intact.


This year we are proud to swell our shower catalogue with a new member. This is Gre’s new pvc solar shower.


Its warm water will be the only reason why you will want to leave the pool.


We assure you that you will end up worshiping this black column as if it were a breton menhir.


You’ll have to twine the towel like you know to keep your friends away from the shower and keep them from emptying the deposit out.


Something not so simple to do.


The deposit has a maximum capacity of 35 liters. And taking into account that it is designed to mingle with the natural water of the tap, there should be dessert for everyone.


But beware: those unwary that after a morning of intense sun plant themselves under the shower and turn the handle fully to the HOT position, may encounter a moment of misery.


This is not a joke. The water from solar showers can reach up to 60ºC in the hottest months of the summer. In the same way, touching the structure of the solar shower in these days of intense heat can cause burns.


For real.


If the aliens with their optics of crazy orbital altitudes find such a monolith, the next morning you would wake up with three of a kind of pyramids in your garden.


So to avoid damage or interplanetary conflicts, in the cold months it is convenient to keep the solar shower indoors. Mainly if we are in territories prone to frost.


It will not be much of a problem. This solar shower can be divided into two parts so that you can conveniently clean, dry, and store it in a dry place away from sunlight.


But not before emptying the pipes and the tank completely. Do not forget.


And remember: the most important thing for a solar shower is to place it in sun’s rays reach. Sometimes we forget.


As well as not using it during storms.


Go ask Robert Smith.


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