3 reasons to buy a shower this summer

Nowadays there is a wide variety of showers to put in the garden of your house to refresh yourself before and after swimming in the pool. In this article, we explain why you should join the outdoor shower trend, and why you’re sure to like one of them!



How often do you come home with mud on your shoes and leave footprints all over the place? Or maybe you go to the beach and the sand hasn’t been washed off your feet. Thanks to the installation of a shower on the terrace you can wash without leaving traces all over the house and you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning everything.


Solar showers

Solar showers are designed to be more convenient to install and to save electricity and water on your monthly bill. It is true that on a hot day being under the cold water jet is welcome, but as solar showers have a water tank integrated into them, you know that you are not going to exceed the amount of water.


Making the most of the space

Having a shower does not always depend on having a pool in the garden. You may want a shower simply to cool off on summer days, instead of using the hose to water your lawn. So if you have a small space and you don’t know what to put, it is very simple, put a shower, and the children will be delighted.


Having a shower has endless advantages. At Gre, committed to offering an unforgettable experience, we have a wide range of showers of all kinds: traditional, solar, classic, and modern. There are even models that incorporate a tap specifically for feet. Bring convenience and comfort to your home.


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