The benefits of solar showers

Solar showers are here to stay, haven’t you heard of them yet? This type of shower is ideal for outdoor use, whether in a garden with a swimming pool, on a terrace, or in a courtyard. What is certain is that they provide unique comfort and convenience. Here are the different characteristics of this type of shower.


This type of shower is mainly characterized by the fact that it does not have to be powered by electricity. The tap pours hot water thanks to the built-in solar panel.


The Gre solar showers regulate the temperature of the water, making it easier to take a shower both before and after entering the pool. Or even simply take a shower to remove sweat or dirt without having to take a bath. It also helps to keep the settings stable, because bathing with sweat, for example, can cause the settings to become unsettled.

Easy to install

The showers do not require any building work, not even plumbing. Like Gre’s above – ground pools, the showers are very easy to install in a corner of the terrace. All you need to do is connect a hose or a water inlet.


There is a wide variety of solar showers on the market today, from the simplest to the most modern. It all depends on the water tank, which can be between 15 and 50 liters and which fits in well with the style of your house. In addition, these showers have a more modern design.


Taking a shower is perhaps one of the most important things you do daily because it helps you to relax, wake up, wash, and activate your body, among other things. That’s why in summer this type of bath can be placed in the garden. Join the trend!


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