These are the surprising new products for Gre swimming pools (II)

Gre has great news and presents many novelties for 2019. Always thinking about how those moments of relaxation by the pool be fully enjoyed, safe and comfortable. Gre offers you novelties in accessories to equip your pool and its maintenance, in addition to two new models of pools added to its catalogue.


New Stairs for Removable Pools


As manufacturer specialized in removable swimming pools, Gre offers a large selection of stairs for above-ground pools adaptable to all types of pools present in its catalogue: pools made out of steel, wood and composite materials.


As a novelty, Gre now adds the security staircase for the above-ground swimming pools, with three removable steps and a highly resistant top platform, a new, larger and galvanized steel reinforced model for those above-ground pools, convenient for any site.

Among many features, let’s point out:


  • Staircase for above-ground swimming pools with galvanized stainless steel with great strength and durability.
  • Scissors-type staircase with top platform.
  • Easy access to the pool with top handrail that reduced the risks of slippage.
  • Anti-slippery steps.
  • Security staircase, the top steps can be removed to prevent children to get to the pool.
  • Easy-to-assemble model.
  • Product is respecting the European safety standard EN 16582-1:2015 for private-use pool stairs.
  • Pleasant and modern design.


Another novelty, inside our vast selection of swimming pool stairs, is the staircase for pools with a top platform and six steps, three on each side. Among its features, let’s point out:


  • Symmetric design, for entrance and exit, with top platform to ease-up even more the transition and reduce the risk of slippage.
  • Easy access with hand rails and platform, guaranteeing a greater safety.
  • Tubular metallic structure made out of galvanized steel.
  • Steps and platform made of high resistance plastic.
  • Base covered with anti-slip rubber pieces.
  • Standard staircase for above-ground pools.


Novelties in Pool Lighting


The lighting inside the pool is one of the most current trends in the decoration of swimming pools. In addition to creating a very warm atmosphere, it plays a very important decorative role. At dusk, you can continue enjoying relaxing moments in the pool with the different types of lights available or go for a swim before going to bed.


Good news, Gre offers a variety of LED spotlights for swimming pools designed for different types of elevated pools, using the new and improved LED technology.


Gre has designed a new spotlight, the low consumption white LED spotlight, created especially for wood and composite swimming pools.


With this new white monochrome LED spotlight, you can perfectly illuminate your wooden pool (our Sunbay series) and composite (our Avantgarde series) from Gre regardless of its shape.


A new easy-to-install bulb with standard plug that includes all the necessary accessories for installation in your swimming pool.


Below, we point out some of its most relevant features:


  • Included a five-metre cable and transformer
  • Totally made out technical plastics
  • High European quality fabrication
  • Life cycle between 50,000 and 100,000 hours
  • Low consumption, with a power of 16 W
  • Light intensity of 1,485 lumens
  • IP68 protection level


For more information on how to install an LED light in pools, you can watch the following video:



Novelties in Water Temperature Control for Removable Pools


Thanks to the different systems of heating systems for swimming pools, you can enjoy the pool more, and in better conditions, all year around. The temperature of the water is very important, both for our physical well-being and for the quality of the water.


Among the different temperature control products for the pool, among which we can also highlight the covers for swimming pools, heat pumps are the most economical and effective solution to heat the pool water and extend the bathing season right at home.


Gre offers the HPM20 miniature heat pump as a novelty. It’s a heat pump specially designed to heat the water of the raised removable pools with a capacity of 20 to 30 cubic metres.


The Gre heat pump is the perfect replacement for the electric heater, saving costs and energy.


Among the many features of that new miniature heat pump for swimming pools, we highlight the following:


  • Adequate system for pools and spas located above ground
  • Includes rubber cable with RCD plug
  • Low-consumption product
  • Easy install and use
  • Low level of noise
  • Maximum pool volume: 20–30 cubic metres (m3)


The miniature heat pumps are designed to maintain the pool temperature between 12 °C and 42 °C.


The Filtration Systems for Pools, Now More Discreet


Another one great news from Gre is related to maintenance and the various products that are used around your swimming pool. Now you can store the filter, the heat pump, and many other pool accessories in a booth made out of the same material as your pool: wood or composite. Both for safety and for aesthetics, Gre’s new huts are a perfect solution for the surroundings of your pool.


The new composite shed adapts to the swimming pools of the series Avantgarde from Gre, regardless of its shape, and with a height of 96 cm to install directly on the ground and keep the pool surroundings completely clean and tidy.


This type of shed can be attached to the swimming pool or to a wall, since it’s a fully closed box. At the same time, it has a trapdoor in the upper part and a padlock for greater safety. It is very simple to install, thanks to the pre-assembled panels and the little need of tools for its assembly.


There are also the huts for wooden pools, available in 118, 131 and 143 centimetres (cm) in height. The wood was treated with class III autoclave treatment, just like the panels of our swimming pools made out of pinewood.


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