Why shower before entering to the pool?

At some point, you have probably thought about adding a shower to your pool, but you haven’t made up your mind. There are many times when we consider this option. Ever since we were children we have been told that before getting into the water we should take a dip in the shower to avoid damaging our health. But is it true?


According to health organizations, it is compulsory to take a shower before swimming in the pool or at the beach because it eliminates sweat or urine, among other organic compounds, thus helping to avoid different diseases. For this reason, all over the world, every time you go to a swimming pool, whether it is a municipal or residential pool, a sign indicates that it is compulsory to take a shower first.

What is chloramine?

Chloramine is a chemical substance generated especially by sweat, but also for other reasons mentioned above, it can cause problems of infection and various diseases, affecting the pulmonary system the most. These cases indeed are the most serious, but every day we see cases of people with asthma, coughing, or irritation of the mucous membranes. This is also a consequence of not dedicating a few seconds to being under the jet of water.

Athletes and children

In the case of water sports, e.g. water polo, swimming pools have a much higher chloramine content than usual, as athletes sweat continuously.


Families with young children need to be very careful. When they go to play in the pool, it is very common for them to swallow water, so they are the most exposed to the chemical.


At Gre, we want to make people aware that when it comes to someone’s health we don’t play games. That’s why we have a range of showers from the simplest to the most modern, designed and adapted for an amazing bathing experience, where the first thing you’ll want to do is run to the pool shower.


With all this in mind, we should remember the following quote: prevention is always better than cure. To do this, it doesn’t cost anything to stand under a stream of water for a few seconds before going for the summer dip.


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