5 Halloween costumes that will succeed in 2021

Do you have your Halloween costume? If you haven’t bought your costume for this party yet, we recommend you the most popular costumes for Halloween 2021.
Halloween is an American party that during the years has adapted to different countries and it seems that it has arrived to stay. During that night, people of all ages meet to celebrate this popular event and wear the most terrifying costumes.
If you are thinking of prepare a Halloween party at home, pay special attention to the Halloween decoration of your home to make your guests feel terrified.

Halloween costumes for children

There are a lot of schools that every year celebrate Halloween and it has become a tradition that children dress up; but sometimes finding the best costume is not an easy task.


The skeleton is a costume that never will be out of fashion. You can find it different shops and there are different designs of skeleton that it can be a good idea for this event.
If you want to DIY skeleton costume, we tell you how to do it easily:
– White t-shirt
– Black t-shirt
– Black jeans / leggings
– Scissors
1. Take black t-shirt and take the centre of the front as a reference.
2. You have to simulate some ribs in the t-shirt so from the center of it about 5 cm to the left, draw between 3 and 5 horizontal lines; depending on the length of the shirt.
3. Trim those horizontal lines so that they are no more than 5cm thick. We recommend that the corners are not rectangular; it is better to make them rounded simulating the rib bone. We do the same on the right side of the shirt; try to keep the ribs at the same height.
4. Put the white t-shirt on and then the black one. You can use any trousers, but we recommend you to take one in black colour. You now have the best costume!
If you want to become your costume more original, you can draw a heart in the white t-shirt to see it down the black one.
You can also buy a top hat and cane to make your outfit more elegant. And don´t forget to make up your face in white colours to look like a skeleton.


Pumpkins are the most popular item during Halloween and it is probably that you have already seen a lot of babies dressed up as pumpkins.
There is no very terrifying costume, but it is very lovely and it keeps you warm during the day.

Costumes for adults

If you have now the perfect costume for your child, is time to decide the costume for you. What kind of costume should I wear for Halloween? Every year, Halloween costumes are based on popular films and series and this year is exactly what is happening.

Money Heist

With the premiere of the last season, Dalí´s masks and red jumpsuits have once again become a trend as a Halloween costume.
It is not the first year that these jumpsuits are a trend; since the first season a lot of people want wear it. It is not only very easy to dress up (you only need a red jumpsuit and a mask) but you will also keep warm all day.

Squid game

If you have the red jumpsuit because you have dressed up at this serial any other year, you can take advantage of it and use it to become one character of The Squid Game; the most popular Netflix’s serial of this year.
This Korean serial has become very popular and there are different opinions but it has a very easy costume. It is also a red jumpsuit with a black grid covering completely the face. Each one has a different figure in the middle of the face: a circle, a square or a triangle.
Discover here how to make your own version in DIY.

Cruella De Vil

If the previous costumes are not for you, this one is the perfect one for the whole family: Cruella De Vil`s costume.
With the premiere of the film, Cruella is a very popular character to make a very original costume for everyone.

Between all these options, what is the best for you?


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