The hottest waters in Europe, the best thermal pools

Taking a bath in hot water when temperatures drop can be very relaxing as well as beneficial for your body. And in Europe we have natural pools where the waters allow us to stay warm even if the ambient temperature is freezing.

Turkey – Pamukkale, a cotton castle

In Turkey, geology has formed very special thermal pools from limestone rock. And it is very special because the white stone looks like snow or ice, but it is not.


Accessing them is not too easy since UNESCO declared them a World Heritage Site in 1988 and demolished hotels and buildings that were around.


However, once there you should know that you will be able to enjoy these curious balconies at around 35ºC; And do not be afraid as its rough formation prevents you from slipping if you walk barefoot.

Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

Perhaps taking a bath in the open air in Iceland does not sound really good but the truth is that the Blue Lagoon is famous for its geothermal waters that emanate from the depths.


These waters are between 37 and 40ºC, which makes bathing more palatable; especially when the average ambient temperature is about 11.8ºC during the year.

How can it be that the water is so hot then?

In the 1970s, drilling was done in the ground to create a geothermal plant that would generate electricity. This uncontaminated water heats up and rises to the surface creating the well-known Blue Lagoon.

Bulgaria – Cradle of hot springs

In Europe, Bulgaria is the second country par excellence for a relaxing bath in hot springs.


It has thermal springs throughout the country, however, there is very little adevertisement offered so they are not very well known. Depending on the region, the waters can reach up to 35ºC.


About 70 kilometers from Sofia, the capital, is one of the warmest waters converted into a Hotel-Spa. It has two large pools in which the water helps cure locomotor diseases.


And it is that this water gushes at 72.8ºC from the spring; although it cools down until it reaches about 32ºC in which we can take a bath without suffering third degree burns.



If you settle for your own pool, you can also heat the water and enjoy the bath for longer. Find out!


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