The best hot tubs for Valentine’s Day

If you don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day, the jacuzzi is an option that never fails. Enjoy a relaxing bath alone or with your partner. Which hot tub is perfect for you based on who you are?

Jacuzzis for the more adventurous

Sometimes, when we are looking for a place to relax, such as a jacuzzi or bathtub, we need to enjoy dreamlike views.
There are hotels and rural houses that have rooms with a private Jacuzzi next to a large window to enjoy the best of the mountain. In the northern part of Spain such as Asturias or the Pyrenees, you can enjoy a relaxing bubble bath 500 or even 1000m above the sea.
And what better than relaxing after doing a route? If you are an adventurous person, without a doubt, this is your jacuzzi, but you will have to earn it first and travel a few kilometers through nature.

Snow bath

Huesca or Andorra are perfect for a day in the snow, whether your level is expert or it’s your first time, without a doubt the perfect plan for afterwards is to warm up with a relaxing bath. A few days in the snow can be ideal to recharge your batteries.

Relax on the city

If the rural is not your thing, but you do not want to give up good views, you can also opt for the city option. You can go sightseeing and stay in a spectacular suite in a skyscraper from where you can see the entire city. And of course, with a Jacuzzi to enjoy the views after the walk.
Cities like Barcelona, Benidorm or Valencia have many options to spend Valentine’s Day in a private bathtub 12 floors above the city. Do you have vertigo?

Tourist in your own city

If you prefer not to invest too much, you can take advantage of this day without moving too much. Discover the hotels in your city; surely some suite hides a Jacuzzi full of foam. Feel like a tourist, explore places you don’t know and get a map, it can be a lot of fun!

Valentine at nightfall

If you are one of those people who becomes romantic when the sun goes down, you can spend the night in a bubble in the middle of nowhere; alone with your partner and a bathtub under the light of the stars.
This option is perfect to surprise someone on these dates, but choose the area well since an outdoor bathtub in February is not for everyone. You have different capsules to see the stars; from Navarra to Catalonia.

Whatever you are, you will not be short of a Jacuzzi on Valentine’s Day. Do you already have your favorite plan?


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