The benefits of water sports

World Sports Day is here. Many people play sports regularly, from basketball to aqua Zumba.


Physical activities that take place in the water are gradually gaining ground. There are three main groups: sports that take place in the water (water polo), underwater (diving), and on the water (canoeing). But do we know the benefits of water sports for our bodies?

Helps to reduce stress and anxiety

When a person concentrates on a sport, he or she puts all his or her efforts into it and forgets about the problems around him or her. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety generated during the day.

Improves blood circulation in the body

Water sports provide a feeling of lightness due to the decrease of gravity in the water. Therefore, a person’s body takes on less weight, reduces pressure on the legs, and improves the circulatory system.

Increases lung capacity

Athletes have a high respiratory capacity due to the continuous practice of sport and training of the lungs.


Physical exercise promotes the formation and strength of blood capillaries and helps to significantly reduce signs of fatigue, among other things.

Burn calories

When practicing any type of sport, energy is expended and therefore calories are burned. Of course, each one burns more calories than others depending on the body, the intensity, and the frequency with which it is practiced. The water sport that burns the most calories is swimming.


At Gre we have an aquabiking machine, which, thanks to its design, grips the ground well to avoid any unforeseen event and adapts correctly to the body, thus helping you to do sport comfortably.


Sport is a way to disconnect and focus on yourself. If you don’t exercise, go ahead, don’t be afraid!


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