Children’s Day: accessories for kids pool safety

Friday, November 20th, is Children’s Day, and at GRE, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity for you to get accessories for the kids pool safety for above-ground pools so that you can enjoy it in maximum comfort and safety.


Accessories for kids pool safety: their safety first

When it comes to kids, pool safety is paramount and likely the most important factor.


This is why, if we want to adapt our pool for little ones, it’s a great idea to get a safety barrier, which will allow us to fully enjoy pool time and avoid unpleasant scares.


The flexible barrier for pools fits any pool type and size, is easy to install, and is anchored to the ground with inserts. It also comes with 4 aluminum posts and covers to cover the inserts after removing the barrier. This barrier is made of a transparent textile that allows excellent visibility of the pool and comes as a preassembled module 3 m long and 1.33 m tall.


Another accessory for kids pool safety is the pool alarm, which helps prevent falls into the pool. It has an immersion detector certified in accordance with European standards and emits a loud sound when it detects a body falling into the water.

The alarm has a minimum siren of 100 dB, is easy to install, and is recommended for maximum 1,200 x 500 cm pools. 


Enjoy family time with the little ones at maximum ease thanks to the flexible barrier and pool alarm.


Other interesting accessories to enjoy with kids

If we want to fully adapt our pool with interesting accessories for kids, it would also be a good idea to consider pool heating so that the water is at a pleasant temperature and suitable for little ones.


To help you choose the right option, we recommend reading our post on swimming pool heat pumps to find out which type of pump is most suitable for your pool and your needs.


Other accessories for kids pool safety are pool ladders, which make it easier to enter and exit the water, thus avoiding possible falls and slips.


Pool houses protect above-ground pools from the sun. They are adaptable for pools up to 400 cm and perfect for protecting kids from the sun’s rays, which are very aggressive in certain months of the year. They have transparent PVC side panels and 3 doors with zip closing. Assembly is rapid and easy, and it’s very lightweight, which allows being transported when assembled.


Don’t miss out on all our pool accessories to adapt your pool to little ones and their needs. Enjoy and make the most of your pool!


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