Pool safety

When the idea of buying a swimming pool comes up, it is common to think about the safety it can provide, especially if there are children or pets around. Gre offers a variety of fundamental elements to avoid accidents. Below, we talk about different products that can help you to avoid being unsafe.

Safety ladders

Ladders are the main element of swimming pools, both in-ground and above-ground. But for greater protection, ladders with safety steps have been designed. What do they consist of? These galvanized steel ladders have one of the sides removable, i.e. 3 steps can be removed so that children cannot climb up without permission. This is very practical and useful.

Swimming pool alarm

This type of pool safety alarm helps to prevent unexpected falls into the water thanks to its immersion detector. In the event of a person falling into the pool through carelessness, the alarm emits a very loud sound alerting of detection of a fall into the water. It is advisable to turn it on after about 15 minutes for the water to calm down.

Protective barriers

It is very common for children to play in the garden at home, and if you keep them there or if they get caught, they are always running from one side to the other. Therefore, thanks to these protective barriers you can close the bathing area to avoid any unexpected situations. Now you can have that long-awaited barbecue with friends in the garden and not think all the time that something might happen.


Safety is vital, the more protection the better. These 3 products are designed to enhance the swimming experience, without any worries. Enjoy a hot summer day with a safer pool for the whole family.


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