10 of the Most Beautiful Natural Pools of the World

Being able to enjoy a pool in your home’s backyard is a real luxury, however, if you’re a nature lover and you like to travel, you have to know a few of the most impressive natural pools, perfect for bathing and swimming, you can encounter in the world.


The natural pools are, as the name suggests, water ponds that are created naturally, at no time does man intervene to create these pools. These pools are created by the advance of water, the erosion of the stone or detachment of the land, among other factors.


The maintenance of a pool is essential to enjoy it, the advantage of natural pools is a natural filtration system; therefore, nowadays more and more people build their own natural pools in their backyard, without the need to travel, and thus avoid the use of chemical products.


If you have the opportunity and want to be in touch with the environment, we provide you with a selection of the 10 most beautiful natural pools in the world, although the list could be very long.

10 Natural Pools you Have to Know


1. Hamilton Pool (Texas, USA)

One of the best natural pools: Hamilton Pool in Texas


One of the most beautiful natural pools in the USA, located 37 km from Austin. An amazing pool of turquoise-green water, surrounded by huge limestone slabs, waterfalls, stalactites and a unique vegetation.


Its green waters are controlled by the authorities to ensure the purity of the water. In the hot months, it is a zone that is very popular among tourists, that is why there are restrictions for bathing periodically and rules to keep the place clean and 100% natural.


2. Pool To-Sua Ocean Trench (Samoa, Polynesia)

One of the best natural pools: To Sua Ocean-Trench pool in Samoa


To-Sua, which means “giant hole”, is one of the most incredible natural swimming pools in the world. It is located in the volcanic insular country of Samoa, in the middle of the island of Upolu. and has a depth of more than 30 metres.


A natural pool in the middle of an earthly paradise, with lush vegetation with an intense green colour and crystal clear turquoise waters, which must be accessed by a long wooden staircase and for which you will have to pay a fee to enjoy one of the best natural pools in the world.


3. Natural Pools Tat Kuang Si (Laos, Asia)

One of the best natural pools: Tat Kuang Si pool in Laos


Another of the wonders that nature gives us is the incredible waterfalls of Tat Kuang Si, a beautiful waterfall 50 metres high and a group of different natural pools. The water in the waterfall falls fills in various pools.


The waterfalls are very frequented by both tourists and locals, although the water is quite cold, it is a pleasure to bathe in these pools, so it is best to get up early to enjoy a swim and eat in the shelters and picnic areas. There’s a forest area around the pools.


A curious fact is the centre of rehabilitation of bears that is located at the end of this natural enclave.


4. Cenote Ik-Kil (Yucatán, Mexico)

One of the best natural pools: Cenote Ik-kil in Yucatan


The natural confines of the Aztec country allow us to delight ourselves with other types of natural pools, the cenotes, wells of fresh water, which have arisen due to the erosion of the limestone.


The cenotes are geomorphic structures in the shape of flooded caves, authentic natural round swimming pools. For the Mayans the cenotes were considered sacred since they represented the entrance to the underworld.


Within the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá is the Eco-Archaeological Park of Ik-Kil, where you can visit the cenote of the same name, with more than 60 metres in diameter and an abundant vegetation.


5. Pamukkale (Turkey)

One of the best natural swimming pools: Pamukkale pools in Turkey


Pamukkale is a town in Turkey, known for its ancient ruins and beautiful natural pools.


In the valley of the Menderes River are the Pamukkale pools, in Turkish “cotton castle”, a great tourist attraction for its mineral-rich hot springs emanating from white rock terraces.


These limestone formations have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998.


6. Devil’s Pool (Zambia, Africa)

One of the best natural pools: Devil´s pool in Zambia


Among the most spectacular natural pools in the world, the “Devil’s Pool” stands out. The Victoria Falls, with a fall of more than 100 metres, house this large natural pool, known for its danger and not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.


The views, from the abyss of this pool, cannot be better. However, you cannot access them freely, always accompanied by a tour guide.


7. Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

One of the best natural pools: Blue Lagoon in Iceland


Just 40 kilometres away from the capital, Reykjavik, and 15 minutes from the international airport, the Blue Lagoon is a major tourist attraction in Iceland; however, it is not a natural lagoon, it was built in 1976.


This large geothermal pool is at an average temperature of 40 ºC, so you can bathe at any time of the year. These vaporous waters are part of a lava formation known for its medicinal properties.


The Blue Lagoon is considered one of the 10 best spas in the world that feeds on the waters coming from the Svantsengi geothermal plant.


8. Pools of the Fairies (Isle of Skye, Scotland)

One of the best natural swimming pools: Fairy Pools in Scotland


Another of the most beautiful places we should visit is the Pools of the Fairies in the Brittle Valley, at the foot of Mount Cuillins, a group of small natural pools and crystal clear waterfalls worthy of any fantasy story.


Although these pools are reached only after a walk of about 40 minutes, the effort is worth it, the magical atmosphere and its spectacular views, make time stand still.


9. The Gorge of Hell (Cáceres, Spain)

One of the best natural pools: Throat of Hell in Cáceres



In this list we had to include some of the most impressive natural pools in Spain. We also find impressive natural spaces, without leaving the national territory, so no need to travel far.


In the Jerte River Valley, north of Cáceres, is the Garganta de los Infiernos (The Gorge of Hell) Nature Reserve, consisting of 13 natural swimming pools, with numerous waterfalls, waterfalls and streams.


In this natural area, there are several hiking trails, being the route to Los Pilones, the most popular. River erosion has caused huge rock pools, giant potting, in which to take a bath.


In the same reserve, we find three glaciers: the Serrá Glacier, the San Martín Glacier and the Asperones Glacier. And areas enabled for fishing.



10. Grotta della Poesia Natural Pool (Lecce, Italy)

One of the best natural swimming pools: Grotta Della Poesia pool in Italy


Another of the most beautiful natural pools in the world is the “Cave of Poetry.” According to legend a princess bathed in the water this lake and the poets moved to the place to seek inspiration, hence her name.


This wonderful pool has been created over the years by the sea, a rocky coast to enjoy a unique swimming experience.



The list of natural pools that we can travel to throughout the world can be infinite, this list is just a short preview of them.


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