Second-Hand Pools: What to Know Before Buying It

The Internet has facilitated the purchase of new and second-hand products. At the same time, the appearance of online sites allowing us to sell used goods facilitates even more the sale of what no longer serves us and that others can take advantage of. That also includes, of course, swimming pools.


The sale of second-hand removable pools is becoming more and more common. We all want a swimming pool in our home garden to take advantage of sunny days, and if we can get it at a better price, the better.


The reason for the sale of removable pools are both for lack of use as for continuous use. For example, if a family grows, it will need a new, larger or taller swimming pool. If, on the contrary, the pool is no longer used, it is interesting to get money for it. But what should you keep in mind if you want to buy a second-hand removable swimming pool?


It is very important to have certain aspects cleared before buying a second-hand removable pool, because if the transaction goes wrong it ends up to be a real headache that you could have saved if you had bought a new swimming pool.


As experts in the manufacture of elevated pools with more than 50 years of experience, we share a series of considerations and tips so that the purchase of a used swimming pool is satisfactory:

1. Details of the seller of the second-hand pool

It is necessary to have as much information as possible about the person selling the second-hand swimming pool. On the sales websites, there are valuations and opinions of the utility of others. The contact information of the seller, as well as the ways they help you for the purchase of the pool are very important.

2. Data about the second-hand removable pool for sale

If you have seen a used removable pool for sale, the first thing you should do is look for all available information about the swimming pool: characteristics, components, materials, installation time, type of filter, measurements and so on.


This way, you can know if it meets your needs and you can verify that the pool that is being sold has all the necessary parts for the assembly of the swimming pool, including the instruction manual. If you have any questions, you can ask the seller beforehand.

3. Condition of the removable pool for sale

Once you have a clear idea of the above-ground removable swimming pool you want, it is advisable to see the pool installed and functioning before your purchase, that way you can check its condition.


Seeing the swimming pool in operation allows you to verify that it does not lose water by the liner, by the joints or by the installation pipes of the pool.


Check that the removable pool has all the pieces and that its condition is correct. Being a second-hand swimming pool, it is normal to have suffered a bit of wear and tear from water pressure bathing use, but that does not mean that the pool cannot be in good condition.


If it is a swimming pool that includes a water treatment system, check that the water filtration system of the pool works properly.


Another important aspect to keep in mind is the structure of the pool. In the case of inflatable pools, check that there are no punctures and that the valves do not lose air. If we talk about demountable above-ground steel pools, check that the sheet has not been altered due to poor installation, on uneven or sloping terrain or that it has dents or bumps. In the case of removable wooden pools, check the condition of the wood of the pool. At Gre, we recommend that for a good conservation of the wood of the wooden pools, a correct isolation with a special material should be made to avoid the attack of fungi and the putrefaction of the wood when the swimming pool is buried.


The structure of the pools may be different, but all models have a liner for a perfect water conservation in the pool. It is one of the most delicate elements of a swimming pool and it requires some maintenance to ensure its durability and resistance.


As we have already mentioned, in the case of inflatable pools, it is necessary to check that the liner does not have punctures or, if it has some, that they have been treated correctly. Small scratches or cracks in the pool liner can easily be repaired with a liner repair kit for pools.


After all these considerations, we can conclude that the purchase of a second-hand removable pool, saving on the purchase price, allows you to enjoy a swimming pool in the hot months, but we must also weigh the disadvantages of acquiring a second pool hand:


  • The used swimming pool may not be under guarantee anymore: it will be necessary to have the purchase invoice to know the different components and accessories included in the pool and if they still are covered by the guarantee.
  • It is difficult to check the condition of the liner of a second-hand pool, it is likely that you will have to replace it.
  • Buying a swimming pool is an arduous task of collecting information, checking the pool and, of course, moving the pool.


For those more of the worrying type, at Gre, we have a great variety of brand new removable pools at a great price. The Tenerife pools, for example, are available from only €239 (about £213).


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  1. IMG_5511.JPG This is the pool my husband made for the past three years it gets deeper and deeper. Our problem is we need a new good liner. In the past we have been using light gage liner from Lowe’s . But we were hoping to get a discontinued or damage one. The pool is 10 x 20 4 1/2 feet deep.
    Could you help us find one?

  2. Hi Rita,

    Please contact our after-sales service, they will help you solve your problem.

    Thank you.

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