10 reasons that make the swimming pool the perfect gift

Give away a pool. It’s hard to think of a more solid gift. That’s why we have compiled the 10 reasons that make a swimming pool the best gift for the summer.

1. The swimming pool fosters a better relationship between family members.

The swimming pool belongs equally to all members of the family. Caring for it is everyone’s business, and when next summer is almost there the illusion is widespread.


Water eliminates all hierarchy. Enjoying the same experience in the same space makes us equal to parents and children.


2. The swimming pool improves health through a complete physical activity.

The physical exercise that takes place in the water is unrivaled. The good thing about the pool is that it adapts to the physical demands of any user.


It can be used for training or rehabilitation.


3. A swimming pool adds more value to your home.

Installing a pool increases the price of your home, especially if we are in the hotter areas of the geography.


Not only increases the price but also makes it more desirable in the eyes of any buyer who comes to your home with the idea, or not, to have a pool in their new home.


4. The best cure to sedentary leisure.

We have the solution to all that apathy incited by mobile devices, Netflix, video game consoles and virtual reality glasses.


Yup. The swimming pool.


5. A hidden gift.

No one is going to question the generosity of the person who digs the garden to insert a pool. Although seeing our loved ones’ enjoyment is satisfying enough, the buyer of a pool ends up discovering the personal luxury he needed in his routine to make life more pleasant.


6. The pool is HAPPINESS.

Water is the best antidepressant. Why do we sing in the shower? For the same reason you will sing in your new pool. You may even end up laughing alone.


7. Man’s best friend is the owner of a pool.

Dog is second. But if you have a Welsh Corgi who loves to display its pompous thighs during your pool parties, my friend, you could dream of being president of the United States.


8. Empowers romance.

After years of romantic relationship it is very beneficial for the couple to find intimacy in new and different spaces. Nothing removes tension like getting rid of the gravitational force that binds us to the earth, together.


Add a sunset, or a sunrise, for greater emotional impact.


9. Good for children too.

It is proven that children who practice swimming regularly have a higher probability of achieving success in those objectives that they aim for.


A swimming pool can give the infant a meeting place to play with his peers, and to know his friends and other parents, too.


10. The pool is the best gift in the world.

The year you give away a pool will be remembered forever. President of the USA… maybe not, but the prize for the best father / mother of the year will not be taken away by anyone.


The pool will not only resonate in the memory of loved ones just for the day it landed in the garden. It is an inexhaustible source of memories for family and friends.


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