Try the new Gre Swimming Pool Configurator

We want to introduce you to the new Gre’s elevated swimming pools assistant.


It has never been this easy to discover the swimming pool you need.


In this app we must specify how much free land we have to place our new pool. We do not have to go out to the garden with the ruler and guides, some approximate dimensions will do the work. We just need to choose between one of the three options the program presents us.


Next we should specify how much money we are willing to spend on our new swimming pool. This, of course, restricts the different options the program will show to us.


Finally, we can choose from three predefined styles. Search for a pool to jump into enjoyment as soon as possible or look for a more rustic option that would add aesthetic value to the garden.


Afterwards, we can upload a photograph of our garden to see how the pool would fit the space.


At this point, we can choose the type of decoration for our pool, its length, see how it would fit a winter cover, a sun shower… We can even select the orientation of the sun!


In addition, once you finish the configuration and have added all the add-ons you were looking for, the program will provide you a file with all the product reference numbers. You could send Gre this file and request the budget of the entire package.


So stop reading now, and run to Gre’s pool assistant to see for yourself the different types of pools that best suit your needs!


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