Removable pools: new products for 2022

A new year is approaching, and that means new product from GRE Pools to make life easier in your pool. Do you want a preview?

New wooden pools

For the year 2022 we have improved the assembly system of our wooden pools. With this we want to facilitate the way of assembling the pool, making it even easier. And how are we going to do it?
Until now, our wooden pools were assembled by joining different wooden boards using the tongue and groove method; that is, not all the boards were the same, but some had small tabs that protruded to fit into the boards that had a notch.
In 2022, some of our wooden pools, such as Safran or Canelle, will have the new mounting system. This system works by fitting slats one inside the other.
These slats keep their original size and they all have the same shape but the way they fit changes; since it offers a faster assembly and reinforces the corners to prevent the slats from breaking.

New cleaning method

At GRE, we have a new range of cleaners that is increasing every year. We have cheap pool cleaners such as manuals that are somewhat limited and require an effort. There are also the most expensive ones such as our Zodiac robot cleaners, which are the most complete as they offer total pool cleaning.
For 2022 we bring a robot that cleans the bottom of your pool autonomously and is one of the cheapest robots on the market. If you clean your house with a robot, why not also your pool?
The WetRunner robot has a round shape that adapts perfectly to each pool. It has an autonomy of about 60 minutes and it is very easy to use. You just have to press the button at the bottom and put it into the water.
When it has finished its cycle, you will see that it stops. Then you just have to take it out of the water, empty it, dry it well and put it to charge for 3-4 hours.

The ultimate disinfection system

One of our new products for 2022 is the UV disinfection system. And what is that? This system is very easy to install in all types of pools and reduces the need for chlorine in the pool by up to 70%.
This product, manufactured in Europe, is ecological and represents a significant saving of money since the amount of chlorine you need for the pool is considerably reduced. In addition, it does not need any maintenance, you simply install it in 5 minutes in the pool following the instructions and it is ready to start.
This has been a small preview of the latest from GRE that will be available in 2022. If you have any questions, ask us what you need and be alert, we will reveal more news soon.


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  1. Qué lástima que no hagan ningún model con banco interior en las piscinas de composite o madera. Mucha gente le gusta poder estar simplemente descansando en el agua.

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