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A few days ago we told you about some GRE pool news for this year 2022. Since we don’t want you to miss anything, here we leave you everything you need to know.

Deck – order your wooden pool

Sometimes, the elements of the pools such as the filter are left in the middle of the garden in the open. Now you have the possibility to have all these elements collected and protected.
Thus, you prevent problems such as bad weather from damaging the pump or filter. In addition, aesthetically it is more organized since everything is hidden in the deck. You can also store other pool items such as the pool cleaner.
The deck adapts perfectly to some of our wooden pools such as the Safran. They are very easy to assemble, you just have to attach it to the pool. In addition to storage, they include stairs so you can comfortably climb to the pool and sunbathe.

LED projector – illuminates your pool

Being able to take a dip in the pool at night is much more enjoyable if you have lights in the water. At GRE this year we have launched an LED pendant projector for above ground pools.
Unlike others that require drilling the pool or some work, the new LEDs are very easy to install. You just have to place them on the beach of the pool and plug it in. They are also valid in self-supporting pools.
If you are thinking of buying a pool, our range of composite pools has some models that include an LED light in the kit, in this way it is not necessary to make the hole since it comes prepared.

Solar heater – raises the temperature of the pool

If you can’t wait to bathe but the sun isn’t hot enough yet, heat pumps are the best solution.
This year, as a novelty we have a solar heater for above ground pools. They heat the water through solar energy, so it is an ECO product since it does not involve energy expenditure.
The new design includes a protective PVC cover and multiple units can be connected together for increased performance. This will depend on the size of the pool.

Garden showers – cool off

Before taking a bath, it is necessary to take a shower to remove the bacteria that we have on the skin and prevent them from destabilizing the parameters of the pool water.
If you don’t have a pool at home, don’t worry! You can install a shower in your patio or garden and you can cool off during the hotter months.
Solar showers have a tank that heats the water using solar energy. In this way, in addition to not involving an energy expense, it will not cost you anything to take a shower.

Don’t miss out on our range of GRE showers, and if you can’t decide, write to us!


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