Tips for above ground pool installation

In today’s post, we want to provide some tips related to above ground pool installation

in case you’re thinking about getting a pool in your garden this summer. Take note!


Choose the best spot for your above ground pool

A poor decision regarding location may result in faster damage to your pool. Consider the following tips for above ground pool installation:


  •  The land where you install it should be spacious, stable, firm and resistant. It should also be levelled and smooth, free of stones, grass and roots that may puncture the pool base and damage the liner (please consider this latter suggestion particularly if the area is not paved or you don’t use a sand bed).
  • Do not put it under or next to trees, because pollen and leaves could dirty the water.
  • We recommend installing the pool in a sunny area, protected from the wind. 
  • Try not to position it under power lines or in areas where any underground connections pass (water, electricity, gas, etc.).
  • Choose a space near an electrical socket to connect the filter system.
  • Put it near a water outlet for easy filling.
  • Have a drain nearby, to avoid problems when emptying.
  • Remember that the pool accessories (pump, filter system, etc.) take up space. Lastly, mark the space necessary for your pool, so that:
  • If it is round, calculate that 1 metre more than the pool diameter will be needed.
  • If oval, have 1 metre more in length and 2 metres more in width, to manoeuvre


  • Lastly, for medium-sized above ground pool installation, an area of at least 25 m2 is required.


Above ground pool installation and filling

The installation depends on the type of above ground pool you have gone for: steel, wood or composite.


We recommend taking all the parts out of the boxes, carefully reading your model’s instructions and getting to work.

Ideally, install the pool with a few more people. Try to choose a day when it is not windy. In this post from our blog, you’ll find tips about installing and filling above ground pools.


Above ground pool accessories and maintenance

To keep your pool clean, we recommend salt electrolysis chlorinators, which we mentioned previously in the blog and that produce chlorine for disinfecting the pool from salt.

Salt electrolysis has several advantages: it automatically produces and doses chlorine in

the pool, prevents the storage and handling of chemical products and is 100% safe, as it

only uses common salt.

Another essential accessory is a good automatic pool cleaner, which helps remove dirt both on the bottom and sides of your pool, manually or automatically (with hydraulic, electric or pressure systems).

At GRE, you will find everything you need for above ground pool installation in time for summer.


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