Types of swimming pool ladders – find the best option!

The swimming pool ladders are the “star” accessory you cannot do without if you have a pool. It is an essential accessory that allows adults and kids (in special) to climb in and out of the swimming pool.
Moreover, its function goes beyond the mere comfort of users, where it can also function as a safety accessory installed to facilitate emergency evacuations.

In today’s post, we will talk about the different types of swimming pool ladders, so you can find out which one suits you best!

What are the types of swimming pool ladders?

There are two major groups of swimming pool ladders:
– Built-in swimming pool ladders. These are made of cement, concrete, or other materials.
– Prefabricated swimming pool ladders. There is a wide variety of prefabricated ladders, depending on the shape, the material they are made of (plastic, polyester, fiber, and stainless steel), and type of steps. They may or may not be removable.

At GRE, we have at your disposal different models of swimming pool ladders. We summarize them
for you below:

● Wooden swimming pool ladder

Three-step stainless steel ladder. An exclusive ladder model that adapts to all existing brands on the market. Manufactured with top-quality materials, it guarantees all levels of safety so both adults and kids can enjoy the pool with complete peace of mind, since:
– It has non-slip steps to prevent accidents.
– It has feet with rubber bumpers, which offer stability and prevent damage to the pool’s surface.

● Above ground swimming pool ladder
Scissor-type, galvanized steel ladder with platform.
Note that it has non-slip steps and that the outer portion is removable. The latter (removable part) is to prevent unauthorized access to the water by little kids, thus preventing possible accidents.
● In-ground swimming pool ladder
Three-step safety ladder with a double non-slip surface, which ensures greater safety. It includes fixing anchors and plastic support stops, a feature that provides stability and prevents damage to the pool wall.

What kind of pool ladder do I need?

This question is easily answered by looking at the type of pool you have (or plan to purchase). One or more ladder types will be suitable depending on the pool.
● Wooden swimming pool ladder.
As the name suggests, it is the best for wooden pools.
● Above ground swimming pool ladder. Ideal for dismountable pools.
Suitable for steel, wooden, composite, inflatable, and tubular pools of various heights: from 0.90 m to 1.35 m high.
It is also very easy to mount/assemble (we explain it in this video).
● In-ground pool ladder. It is the best option for in-ground (below surface) pools.

At GRE you can view our full range of swimming pool accessories to find the one that best suits your


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  1. Hola, tenemos una piscina Fiji redonda de 460 en blanco y tengo una duda sobre la escalera.
    La parte de la escalera que se desmonta va instalada en el interior o exterior de pa piscina.

  2. Hola César,
    La parte desmontable de la escalera debe ir en la parte exterior.

  3. Tengo una duda: hemos comprado una piscina de madera y no la vamos a enterrar, la escalera exterior de madera es fija o se puede poner y quitar para que los niños no suban?? Gracias!!

  4. Buenas tardes Noemí,

    La escalera se puede poner y quitar cuando quiera ya que no está fijada al 100% a la pared de madera sino que va enganchada a través de los ganchos que se pueden quitar y poner.


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