Above-ground pools vs In-ground pools

Nowadays you hear a lot of “I want a swimming pool for my garden” but you haven’t stopped to think about what kind of pool would suit your plot. Is there room for building work? What shape should it be? What material is best? These types of questions should be answered before you start looking for a pool. This post, therefore, compares above-ground pools and in-ground swimming pools .

Above ground pools

This type of pool has become very fashionable lately as there are many different models available with different materials and finishes. In addition, thanks to constant innovation, no building work is required in the space where they are to be installed as, thanks to innovative fastening systems, such as the omega or oblique systems, among others, they offer greater safety and resistance so that the durability of the product is longer.


All Gre pools are adapted for easy and quick assembly and disassembly. It is possible for two or three people to assemble the pool in one day.

Inground swimming pools

In-ground swimming pools are perhaps the most common, in sports centers, hotels…, in general in places where bathing is expected to take place all year round, but, indeed, they can also be found in the grounds, gardens… of private homes.


Make it clear that building work is necessary. They require more planning for the construction project because it is not enough to build the pool on just any piece of land, it must be compact without any risk of landslides. In addition, permission must be sought from the local council where the pool is to be built.


To conclude, if you don’t mind building work, which involves a higher cost and the need to have a large space, in-ground pools are the best option. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do any building work, assemble it easily and quickly, and you value how it combines with your house, above-ground pools are the best choice. It should be noted that both types of pools, with proper maintenance, have very similar durability.


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