Common pool maintenance mistakes

We make mistakes every day, some more serious than others, but we learn from them. Having a place in the garden where you can take a dip provides many opportunities, but you also have
to take the time to look after it so that it is more efficient and cleaner. On this occasion, we bring you the most common mistakes when it comes to maintaining the pool throughout the year.

Chlorine shock

When it is time to get down to work and open the bathing season, the pool needs to be prepared. To do this, you need to use a chemical, called shock chlorine, which is concentrated chlorine to disinfect and clean the water retained in the pool.


When applying shock chlorine to the pool, it should not be applied all at once or directly. Two ways are highly recommended by experts: pour the indicated amount of the chemical into a bucket full of water and stir it to pour it little by little throughout the pool, or use a dosing device.


The consequences of not doing this step properly can be very great. On the one hand, by adding this chlorine directly, you can damage the structure of the pool. This means that the damaged area becomes brittle and causes leaks.

Not using a pool cleaner regularly

When you buy a pool you need to buy a pool cleaner. They always go hand in hand. These types of tools help to keep the pool clean from the bottom to the walls. If you take good care of the pool, the water can last for years.


There are different types of pool cleaners: manual, electric and hydraulic, each with a series of characteristics, but you should always choose the one that suits you and your pool.
It is advisable to carry out this task once a week; it helps to remove all the dirt and does not affect the health of pool users.

Regulating the pH

Regulating the pH level is a very important step that people forget.


It is recommended to check and adjust the pH every two to three days, of course also every time a chemical is to be applied. The ideal pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6. Applying a chemical when the pH is out of adjustment is a waste of these products as they do not fulfill their function.


The causes of the level imbalance can be various: the use of sun creams, sweating, the use of chlorine and other chemicals, or the evaporation of water.


With this analysis of the most common mistakes, we hope to help you take better care of your pool so that it lasts longer and is in good condition.


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