What are the assembly systems for a wooden swimming pool?

If you have a garden at home, build your pool. The assembly of a wooden pool is simple, but there are some details you should know before setting up your swimming pool.
At GRE we have different sizes and shapes of wooden pools. The bigger the pool is, the more water volume it will have, so the pool assembly will have to be reinforced to support all the weight.

Wooden pool without reinforcements

Wooden pools with fewer cubic meters of water do not require any reinforcement for assembly. They can be placed directly on a completely flat and stable floor.
This way of placing the pool in the space is simple as it does not require any previous base; once the ground is flattened, the pool can be built directly.
This type of installation is usually used for wooden pools that are mainly round and do not have a large volume of water.

Wooden assembly with an omega system

This type of installation is simple as it does not require a concrete slab. To assemble pools with an omega system, it is only necessary to prepare the ground so that it is completely level and to excavate about 15cm to bury the steel beam.
These beams support the weight of the pool once it is full of water and prevent the walls from bulging. They need to be placed underground to ensure that once they are in place, the ground is stable.

Wooden assembly with IPE metal beam system

This assembly system for wooden pools requires a concrete slab. In this case, it is mandatory so before setting up the pool, you have to do previous work to prepare the land.
The concrete slab must have a minimum thickness of 17cm for the beams to be embedded. The beams are U-shaped so that the lower part is completely buried in the concrete slab.

Assembling a wooden swimming pool with metal wedges or sabots

Metal wedges or sabots are an assembly system that also requires a concrete slab of at least 15cm.
Unlike the previous systems in which the structure was U-shaped, the wedges are independent of each other. They are screwed into the concrete slab to ensure stability.
Each wedge includes a wooden liner so that it is hidden once the pool is assembled up to ensure a uniform design.

As you can see, there are different assembly systems for wooden pools that guarantee the stability and durability of the swimming pools. Remember that these pools can be semi-buried or buried, so if you are thinking of doing so, you should consider the assembly system of the model you want.


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