GRE: where do our pools come from?

At GRE we have been doing what we do best for more than 50 years; manufacture swimming pools. And that is why, taking advantage of the fact that Europe Day is celebrated on May 9, we want to tell you where we make our removable pools.

The origin

Our main factory is located in Bizkaia, the northern part of Spain and there is where it all begins. The steel from our pools arrives at the factory rolled in different formats. The design is already printed in different designs; wood looking, white steel, stone looking …


In our factory we work this steel to give it the necessary shape and measure; we adapt it to the models of our pools. In addition, we drill this steel sheet leaving the exact screw holes that we need for ease.

The cast

Our pools are distributed throughout Europe, with the French and Spanish markets having the highest demand for pools. For this reason, when we have worked the steel in our factory, we personally take care of preparing the pool kits.


In each of the packs we include all the necessary components to assemble the pool. From the screws to the steel sheet, without forgetting the beaches or the posts, we pack everything in the same pack to avoid losing any part.


When we have everything ready, the trucks arrive at the factory docks and collect the orders to distribute them among our distributors in different European countries.

The destination

Nowadays, GRE works exclusively with distributors who are responsible for selling our products in different countries. We have a wide range of distributors; from the most renowned companies to small businesses; You can find all of them here, you just have to enter an address or postal code and you will see your closest physical store.


Some of our distributors also offer the option of making the purchase online, which is more comfortable for the user.

The montage

Our GRE pools are very easy to assemble. All include a complete instruction manual and a more visual quick assembly guide. In addition, we have several tutorials that will facilitate your work when assembling your pool.


However, if you don’t want to complicate your life, you can choose to hire someone to set up the pool for you. Find your nearest installer and don’t worry about a thing.



When the whole process is done, there is only one thing left, enjoy your pool. Remember that we have all kinds of accessories for the care of your pool; from chemical product to maintain the water, to heat pumps to increase the temperature and extend the bathing season.


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