Pools full of art

Art can be found anywhere in the world if you can appreciate it. Today is art day and we wanted to collect some of the most spectacular works in swimming pools.

Artist Inspired Pool Bottoms

Empty pools are a blank canvas for artists who want to display their art. One of the most inspiring artists when painting a pool is Van Gogh.


And, if we talk about art, Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most renowned painters; everyone has in mind some of his works such as Sunflowers or Starry Night.


Two Argentine artists were the ones who recreated one of their works in the pool; The starry Night. This work with its undulating shapes creates the effect of movement when the pool is full of water.

Artists who paint swimming pools

David hockney

David Hockney is a painter who specializes in portraying swimming pools. He has captured different moments in his works where swimming pools are always the protagonists.


His best-known works are on the canvases, but one of the most picturesque was made in Los Angeles, in the pool of the Roosevelt Hotel.


With a single color; in this case it was blue, he painted a kind of half moons all over the walls and the bottom of the pool. In this way, when the pool is full it has an undulating effect and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Leandro erlich

His work Swimming Pool does not go unnoticed wherever it is exhibited. Leandro Erlich created this work simulating a swimming pool; with a little curiosity.


If we look at it from above, it looks like a pool filled with water with the effect of moving water. So far everything is normal. However, the pool is empty!


We can “get” in the pool; In other words, the pool is completely hollow so we can walk along the bottom and appreciate the work from another point of view. (Photo: Silvina Frydlewsky)

Pool element art

Some time ago we told you about Filomeno Machado, a Spanish artist who made his works of art with different elements of the pool such as protective blankets.


For him they are blank canvases where he can capture his art with a very particular technique. Using the bite technique, he works with plates of different materials such as aluminum, wood or eva rubber. His technique includes scratching or cutting the blankets creating geometric shapes. Discover his works!



And you, would you take a dip in one of these works of art?


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