How can you protect your pool from the rain?

There are various options for protecting your pool from the rain during the winter, such that when the summer arrives, maintenance is easier and requires less dedication so you can enjoy having a swim at any moment, whenever you feel like it.


Still need some clarity? Below we’ll tell you the reasons why swimming pool covers are the best solution for you.


Inclement weather or rain will affect your pool all year long

Swimming pools and rain are not the best combination. When it rains, your pool gets filled not only with water, but also with leaves, stones, mud,and sand, as well as chemical agents caused by environmental contamination, which disrupts its PH balance.


If you don’t have a cover, you will have to clean and disinfect the pool again so that the water is suitable for swimming. This means having to rid your waters of lichen and algae so that you can take a dip in nice water.


And that’s not all; those undesirable elements that have fallen into your pool will descent to the bottom of it, possibly causing damage to the basin surface and thus creating a need for laborious maintenance.

But it’s not just these atmospheric phenomena that can become an enemy to your pool. There are other weather occurrences that can have an effect, such as:


– The wind, mainly in autumn. It causes leaves and twigs to fall into your pool and, when they decompose, they lower the quality of the water (in the best case scenario, as they can also clog the filters).


– Lower temperatures. Frost during winter can cause the water in your pool to physically change from liquid to solid. This means that it expands, putting pressure on the swimming pool basin which can cause significant structural damage.


The solution for protecting your pool from the rain

GRE offers a wide selection of winter pool covers which adapt to all types of material: steel, wood, composite, inflatable, or frame pools. The thickness of the covers varies depending on the pool model and ranges from 100 g/m2 to 580 g/m2.


Additionally, all the winter covers in the GRE range have a water evacuation option in the middle of the cover and they come with all the elements needed to affix the cover to the

pool structure.


Advantages with using swimming pool rain covers

In a nutshell, some compelling reasons for installing a swimming pool rain cover are:


  1. To increase safety standards; why run the risk of someone falling into the pool by accident?
  2. Cleaner water; the cover blocks sun rays and photosynthesis, thereby preventing algae and microorganisms from proliferating.
  3. You can forget about the threat of frost because of the cushion of air created between the water and the cover.
  4. Enjoy swimming season more quickly (and with less effort) due to dedicating less time to getting the pool up and running.
  5. It is more environmentally friendly because the water can be reused for many years.


With GRE you can find everything you need for water treatment and pool maintenance.



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  1. Tengo una piscina de madera gre desdehace 1 año, me pueden informar si es necesario tratar la madera de alguna forma o con un algún producto específico?

  2. Buenos días,

    Nuestras piscinas de madera tienen una estructura de pino silvestre francés Certificado (PEFC), lo que significa que ya están tratadas para evitar problemas. No debe preocuparse por ningún tipo de tratamiento.


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