The best outdoor pool showers around

Of all the pool accessories on the market, among of the most necessary and important are outdoor pool showers.

In this post, we will explain why you need a pool shower in your garden if you want to make sure the people who use it stay healthy and the pool water stays clean.


Why should you take a shower before and after swimming?

 Pool showers are a key element to keeping the water in your pool in perfect condition for swimming. 


Therefore, you should take a shower before jumping in to remove any dirt (sweat and traces of sun creams, colognes or deodorants, etc.) and prevent it from contaminating the water supply.


But this practice is not only important for maintenance – it is also about keeping you healthy. Showering before swimming will cool your body progressively to make it safer to dive into the water as the change in temperature will not shock your body.


When leaving the pool, it is also a good idea to shower to get rid of chlorine and any other chemicals on your skin.


Which type of pool shower is best for you?

 There are two types of showers: conventional and solar.


Conventional pool showers need to be connected to your home’s water supply. They are easy to install and very economical, but the drawback is not being able to adjust the temperature so the water will always be cold.


At GRE, we have this aesthetically minimalist standard shower that adapts to any environment. Finished in stainless steel, this material is durable and weather resistant. It has a manual water faucet which is ideal for private showers.


On the other hand, solar showers use the sun's energy to heat water stored in a tank, which usually has a capacity of up to 40l. This option means you can have a hot showerand respect the environment at the same time which makes it a highly demanded solution by pool users.


At GRE, we propose this black PVC solar shower with a 9-liter tank. It is quick and easy to connect to your garden hose. We also have other options with larger tanks and footbaths (highly recommended if you are thinking of installing the shower on grass or dirt and not on paving slabs).


 The advantages of having an outdoor pool shower

Overall, outdoor showers have many more advantages to what we have already described.


  1. You can shower in the open air for a calm and enjoyable moment of relaxation in direct contact with nature.
  2. You will avoid getting your home dirty or wet when you go back inside.
  3. You can use the shower water to water your garden. The shower area will always remain green.
  4. You will create a beautiful, decorative outside space. Integrate it into your garden by adding natural elements such as wood, stones or plants and all the Joneses will be keeping up with you 🙂


Find everything you need to treat water and maintain your pool with GRE.


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