Our star products of 2020

Without a doubt 2020 has been an unusual, distinct, and unforgettable year. A time we will remember as having spent a lot of time at home, where we made the most of our time and enjoyed ourselves in a wide variety of ways.


The onset of the pandemic coincided with the first weeks of spring, which meant spending time in the pool was undoubtedly one of the best stay-at-home containment plans, leading to high demand for removable pools and their accessories.


At GRE, we want to share our star products for 2020: the products you have enjoyed the most at home, and for which we have appreciated your backing during this time.


Raised pools: a top product for 2020

If we had to highlight a single product, without a doubt it would be raised pools. They have by far been GRE’s best-selling item of 2020.


If we have enjoyed one thing this year, it has been our above ground pools, which are the perfect friend during the hot season, helping us cope with the high temperatures we have had over summer. Enjoying a soak at your own home, without risks, has undoubtedly been one of the most rewarding activities over the summer months.


We offer our raised pools in different materials, shapes, and sizes, to adapt as much as possible to the needs of our customers.


The most in-demand pools over 2020 have been steel above ground pools, followed by wooden and composite pools.


Pool maintenance: crucial this year

Swimming pool cleaners have been another star product this year. As we have spent so much time at home, we have also made the most of our pools, so a decent pool cleaner has been essential for cleaning and maintenance.


Among our cleaners, Zodiac robots have been the most in-demand. In addition, at GRE you will find the right product to meet the needs of each pool, according to shape and size.


In addition, for the maintenance and care of swimming pools, without a doubt, filter pumps and swimming pool filters have also been popular due to the increased demand for removable pools. Our pool pumps, crucial to the filtration system, have the great advantage of being able to adapt to any pool on the market.


Finally, and again regarding pool maintenance, swimming pool chemicals to treat water have been another star product this year. At GRE we have a wide range of chemicals to care for water balance and maintain its good condition.


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  1. Guten Tag,
    wenn Sie nur endlich liefern könnten….

    Ich würde gerne endlich in 2021 Ihren WPC Pool KPCOR28 kaufen können !!

    Wann können Sie liefern ???

    Für eine zeitnahe Rückantwort danke ich Ihnen

  2. Guten Morgen,
    Bald werden wir alle unsere Pools auf Lager haben. Darüber hinaus werden wir unsere Nachrichten veröffentlichen, damit Sie sich dessen bewusst sind. Es tut uns leid, dass Sie kein bestimmtes Datum angeben können.

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