Wooden swimming pool set up

Wooden swimming pools are the perfect solution for your garden if you don’t want to alter the aesthetics of the environment. Thus, this type of pool allows you to maintain a rustic feel, which is somewhat more complicated if you choose steel or composite pools. Wooden swimming pool set up is possible if you know what you need and what steps to take.

There are many models, of different shapes, sizes and heights. In addition, you may opt for an on-the-ground installation or choose to semi-bury (or bury completely) if the terrain has slopes.

In today’s post, we will delve into the assembly of this type of pool, to help you step by step. Don’t miss out on detail!

What tools are needed for a wooden swimming pool set up?

For wooden swimming pool set up, you will need to have to hand:

– 1 screwdriver (with torx head No. T15, T20, T25)

– 1 drill with drill bits for wood 4, 6 and 10, for concrete 10 and for metal 5

– 1 cutter

– 1 spirit level

– 1 tape measure

– 1 mallet

– 1 hammer

– 1 key 19

– 1 metal saw

– 1 wood saw

– 1 pen

– PVC Adhesive

– Teflon Roll

– Double-sided adhesive or stapler

– Gloves

– Seals

Considerations before assembly

– Storage precautions.

While the pool is disassembled, it is sensitive to temperature and humidity variations. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain storage precautions. When receiving packages, store the wooden parts flat, protected from moisture and sunlight to avoid any risk of deformation.

– Installation.

The installation of the pool requires at least two people and takes two days (apart from the preparation of the land and filling).

Steps for a wooden swimming pool set up

Here is the process for setting up a wooden swimming pool which is installed on the floor.

  1. Ground preparation:

Trace the shape of your pool on the ground using the dimensions listed in the assembly instructions. You can plot it with the help of a rope.

If you mount your pool on the ground, you can do it either on a sandy bed or on a concrete slab. In the first case, try to choose a clean, dry sand, otherwise you can stain the liner from the appearance of algae in the sand. If a concrete slab is made, it must have a minimum thickness of 10 centimetres. The pool is assembled once the base has completely dried (3 weeks).

  1. Installation and assembly of the pool:
  2. Installing the heavy protective blanket or tapestry:

It is recommended to clean all dirt from the pool wall and floor with the help of a vacuum cleaner before starting. Place the protective blanket or tapestry inside the pool, removing all folds, adjusting, and cutting off the excess of the

total surface.

  1. Identification of the planks and assembly of the 1st row:

After placing the first row of planks, it is essential to carry out a control of the interior dimensions of the pool. For perfect mounting, the diagonals must be equal and conform to the manual’s mounting plane. Try to put the greatest

care in placing this first row of planks. The accuracy of this assembly determines the quality of your pool.

  1. 2nd row assembly:

To correctly assemble the following planks, you have a wooden wedge in the structure package. Do not hit the boards directly, you would damage the spikes and damage the solidity of the structure. Don’t hit it with metal, as it will damage the wood beyond repair. Some planks might drop. This is completely normal because wood is a living material.

  1. Pad placement:

After placing the 2nd row of planks, you have to install the pads, in the centre of the side of your pool, supported against the planks.

  1. Assembly the following rows of planks:
  2. Skimmer placement:

Place the specific skimmer boards facing the prevailing winds. As long as the pool is not filled, the skimmer is not stable. The skimmer (along with its trapdoor) fits at the same time as the finishing board.

  1. Placement of blocks, reinforcement and decoration
  2. Assembling the ladder
  3. Placing the protective wall blanket
  4. Fixing the skimmer gasket
  5. Fixing the output nozzle
  6. Placing the liner’s hitch profiles
  7. Placing the liner
  8. Installing the filtration system
  9. Filling the pool
  10. Adding complementary accessories

You can see an explanatory video of the whole process here. Find the full range of wooden pools that best suit your needs at GRE


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