Types of assembly of oval steel pools

Our oval steel pools are very easy to assemble, they do not require a great work in your garden to be able to enjoy them. In addition, there is a wide variety of designs that blend in with each environment. Even though, we must know the available options and choose the most convenient one.

The montage

To assemble a removable steel pool, they will be necessary between two and three people. The time of assembly varies depending on the size of the pool; it can take 5-6 hours to assemble the smaller pools and up to 12 hours to assemble our largest pool, which is about 10m long.


One of the most important thing in the ground it is that it must be a solid ground; free of elements that could damage the pool, such as stones or branches.


You should never set up a pool on an unstable floor, nor in an inclined one. Keep in mind that pools are very heavy objects that double their weight when filled with water. Therefore, a good base is essential.

How do pools support their own weight?

Our oval steel pools have two options of assembly, depending on the needs and possibilities of the ground.


On the one hand, we have the option of assembling our pool without the need to make a concrete base, which will partly make our work easier. But in order to support the entire weight of the pool, at GRE we have placed some obliques so that the pool has its weight distributed among these pieces.


These obliques are visible on the sides of the pool so you will need more meters to fit. (This is all listed in the assembly instructions).


These obliques are a GRE proprietary injection piece. It is a kind of membrane over the oblique that prevents children or animals from climbing the oblique. This prevents falls or instability of the pool.

The buried beams

On the other hands, buried beams eliminate the need for lateral bracing; in this case the obliques.


To install a removable steel pool with buried beams, it is necessary to make trenches within the garden floor to install it correctly.


These beams are the ones that will withstand all the pressure and weight of the pool water. So it is just as resistant as the obliques but when going under the pool they are not aesthetically visible.



If you have already decided which one you are going to ride, now you just have to choose the design that you like the most, discover them all!


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