Composite pools vs. traditional wooden pools

The above-ground wooden pools offer great resistance, as well as being a sustainable and ecological material. Composite pools also have these characteristics because there is a part of them which is made of wood. So what is the difference between these pools?

Composite pools

Composite removable pools are made of an alloy of wood and PVC, being an ideal alternative to wooden pools.


These pools offer an avant-garde look in your garden and you have the option of graving or semi-graving them.

Wooden pools

Traditional wooden pools are made from French Scots pine and have great durability thanks to the pre-treatment that the wood requires before its final delivery.


They have a guarantee of up to 10 years on the structure of the pool, which has a perfect rustic decoration for your home.

Advantages of composite pools

Composite pools offer certain advantages over traditional wood that are importants to know before buying a pool.


Composite pools are easy to maintain as they do not require special care; no varnish or oils or special waxes. Unlike wooden pools that do need a specific treatment.


You can clean the composite pool with water periodically and it is enough to maintain it. These pools are resistant to elements such as extreme weather and the environment.


As composite wood is also made of PVC, it offers greater resistance as it does not absorb as much moisture. This makes the structure more resistant to rain and sun rays.


The composite adapts to different spaces and can be built in different formats and colours. It is a perfect material to keep outdoors since in addition to the weather, it also resists other elements such as mold or termites.


In general, it resists all types of parasites and fungi without suffering the destructive action of any plague.


Traditional wood is easy to assemble but can undergo expansion or compression regulated by changes in temperature. However, the composite is more stable and does not suffer from these phenomena.


It does not lose the warmth and naturalness of traditional wood since it has the same aesthetic appearance. In addition, the companies that use thermoforming to manufacture these composite pools allow this material to bend and adapt to any curve without breaking.


This means less risk of the appearance of cracks or chips, thus avoiding having an accident when walking barefoot on the surface.

Eco-friendly and sustainable material

Composite is a recyclable material that also starts from recycled products for its manufacture since it comes from wood waste from other processes.


By using recycled products, this material helps the environment and is eco-sustainable.



Find in GRE all the models of our composite pools and enjoy the advantages it offers.


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