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If you are thinking of putting a pool at home, we recommend removable wooden pools. Do you want to know its characteristics and benefits?

Pools that adapt to everything

The removable wooden pools adapt to all environments since there are different sizes and shapes.
In addition, this type of pool can be mounted on the ground, semi-underground or buried, adapting to the comfort you need.

Easy assemblance

As these pools can be assembled in different ways, the assembly may vary slightly. Even so, they are generally simple pools to assemble.
Some models require a mandatory concrete floor to support the weight of the volume of water.
Thanks to the slats, assembly is easy because you simply have to fit the slats together, without the need for screws or any tool to join them together.

Quality wood

The wood we use to make the pools comes from wild pine trees in France, so the origin of our pools is French.
In addition, we help the reforestation of these forests; for each wooden pool sold; GRE allocates a part of this money to the reforestation of the forests of France.
When our wooden pools reach new homes, it may happen that some slats have a mossy green color. In these cases, people tend to think that the wood is not in good condition. However, this is the natural state of wood; that is, it itself generates this type of humidity to stay longer.
That is why this pool made of wood is the one that usually lasts the longest. In addition, we offer a guarantee of up to 10 years on the structure.

Complete wooden pool kit

When buying a pool, it is necessary to know all the elements that we are going to need to be able to start it up. The filtration system or the skimmer are vital for the pool to function as it should. Water filtration is necessary to keep it healthy and in perfect condition.
The ladder, for example, is a necessary element in the pool to be able to take a bath safely. Like the liner, which protects the walls and serves as a base.
Without all these elements, we cannot start using a pool. For this reason, at GRE our kits provide the necessary accessories to be able to enjoy the pool from day one.
Now that you know everything about wooden pools, all you have to do is choose the model that you like the most.


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  1. bonjour, nous venons d’investir dans une piscine vanille2 et dans un carton à part, il y a une bâche à bulle ainsi qu’un type de bâche/liner (de 1m de large et un peu plus de 3m de long) qui y sont présent. Nous ne savons pas à quoi sert la seconde bâche/liner, pourriez vous m’aider, svp?

  2. Bonjour Aurélie, la deuxième couverture sert à la poser au sol avant de monter la piscine afin que le liner soit plus protégé. Cordialement.

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