Mariposa: The ideal pool for your terrace

If you have a terrace or a small plot and you have not considered putting a pool due to lack of space, we bring you the perfect pool; GRE “Mariposa”.

The pool with wings

GRE’s Mariposa pool offers a unique design that adapts to different environments. Attached to the square pool, it includes two highly durable Italian-designed loungers creating a butterfly shadow.


These loungers are made of high-strength polyester fibers. In addition, they are adjustable; They have the adjustable head to different heights for greater comfort.


By default the loungers are oriented in the same direction, but you can customize them and change the position of one of them so that they are facing each other.


The pool measures are 138 x165 cm so it is perfect to place it in a corner of your attic terrace, on your ground floor or even in that back garden.


It has a powder coated aluminium frame for added reinforcement.

The complements

These pools come equipped with everything you need to set up and enjoy it as soon as possible.

  • 0.85mm thick liner with 5-year warranty
  • Cartridge filter 3 m³ / h
  • 3.6W LED light to also enjoy your pool at night
  • Manual pool cleaner to keep the pool always clean
  • Winter cover to keep water clean and warm during colder months


All these components include up to two years of guarantee.

To assemble

The Mariposa pool is very easy to set up on your terrace; you will only need a wrench, screwdrivers, scissors, a rubber hammer and a grease nipple.


It is perfect because to assemble it, it is not necessary to prepare the floor or carry out any work as is usually with most pools.


The first step is to join the two loungers with the pool structure and fix them. Then we will place the liner and then the filter and the LED light.


It is very important that the pump is not running with the pool empty. To start it, you have to make sure that the pool is full enough.


Once we have these elements assembled, we will fill the pool about 50 cm, it is important that the water covers the filter leaving the hole on the surface.


As you can see, the assembly is very simple and it will not take you anything to enjoy your pool. But remember that you must always follow the instructions for use included.

The treatment

Like all pools, the Mariposa pool needs a treatment so that the water is always perfect.


Remember to treat the pool periodically by controlling the pH level and once regulated, use chlorine or another disinfectant. In this case, it is important to dissolve it before pouring it into the pool.



You already know all the secrets of our Mariposa pool. Still don’t know where to put it? Here’s a hint: don’t miss it!


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  1. La lona tiene manchas amarillas después de un mes de uso que no se quitan. Cómo se pueden quitar. Tienen recambio de la lona? Gracias

  2. Buenos días, si el liner tiene manchas amarillas, podría utilizar alguno de nuestros productos específicos, le paso el enlace En caso buscar un nuevo liner tendría que buscar mediante el siguiente enlace la tienda más cercana y ponerse en contacto con ellos: Y si la garantía de los complementos de la piscina, está vigente, contacta con nuestro servicio post venta, Un saludo.

  3. Muy buena piscina me ha encantado lo comentare a mis clientes

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