How to organise the pool area

Organizing your garden is no easy task, it takes time and planning. When there is a swimming pool involved, it is normal to think about where to put all the accessories and chemicals necessary for its proper care. To meet this need, here are some different ways to organize the pool area.


The deck is a new feature at Gre this year, ideal for above-ground wooden pools. It is a complementary part of the pool that has a wooden ladder with four steps, a rest area where you can sit or lie down to sunbathe, and a cupboard where you can store the filtering system, the filtration system, and accessories. The door opens and closes very easily, thanks to its latches. It also has a lockable latch to keep the stored items safe and prevent children from hiding inside while playing.

Technical room

The technical rooms are ideal for those people who want to keep the water treatment plant, cleaning equipment, hoses, and so on, in a safe place, protecting them from the possible water from the pool or rain and the different risks that may be present.


There are three different heights so that they adapt perfectly to the pool. In addition, they are designed with two types of materials: wood and composite, treated with different products to increase their durability. The door is located at the top so that you can store your belongings through a trap door. Also, it has a built-in lock with a key to close the door and avoid any possible unpleasantness.


With these ideas, storing those garden products that you don’t know where to put is easy. The technical room and the deck look great in the pool and fulfill their purpose: relax and enjoy your swim!


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