2021 is full of new products that you can enjoy this season

This year, Gre will offer a great variety of new products. However, as we cannot give you all the information yet, here is a little insight.

Above-ground pools

It is well known that our above-ground pools are our best sellers. 2021 wanted to fulfil the needs of our clients by bringing new products into this category.

Steel pools

Steel pools are the cheapest pools among our products. In GRE we offer a wide diversity of steel pools with different decorations to fulfil your garden in harmony.


Furthermore, this year we will be releasing a new decoration never seen before: the Nordic Style pools, themed with cold and discreet tones. This new decoration will fit with minimalist gardens but also with the most colourful ones´ due to its versatility. Different forms and sizes will also be available in this category.

Wooden pools

Our wooden pools also have a few changes. One of the most important one could be the adaptation of our Evora pool. This rectangular pool will have a technical room incorporated, which makes it fantastic to store different accessories such as pool filters or vacuum cleaners.


Having a place to store your goods by the pool is very handy as well as disruptive; as it gives you the opportunity to get everything together without having to purchase the technical room separately from the pool.

Vacuum cleaners

As for the cleaners, we will have new improved models in order to offer more precise and manageable cleaning.


Among our robots, we will realise is a new vacuum cleaner with rechargeable battery and autonomy of up to 1 hour. It has a rotary system increasing cleaning precision in flat bottoms. This robot is for all type of above-ground pools.

Electric cleaners

Another product that will be available this year is the cordless and rechargeable multi-speed pool cleaner. It cleans all kind of pool and it is perfect for cleaning ladders and areas that you can not access easily.

Other accessories

We have improved some accessories for 2021 like the electrolysis or the heat pumps. Which include improvements in their system such as inverting the air.



Watch out for more upcoming news that will be available very soon! Do not miss them out!


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