5 reasons to find your winter cover for your above ground pool

5 reasons to find your winter cover for your above ground pool

More and more people are opting for above-ground pools throughout the year due to the many advantages they offer their owners, but it’s also important to take care of them since with the arrival of winter, their use is significantly reduced. The ideal thing to do is to find a winter cover for your above-ground pool to keep it in perfect condition without the need to drain the water. Pool covers are easy to install and very beneficial in the long term, as evidenced by the five reasons you can read below.


Covering your above-ground pool in winter prevents water evaporation

One of the most common reasons for covering your above-ground pool in winter is that it largely prevents water evaporation. This significantly influences energy and water consumption, allowing you to enjoy considerable savings by delaying the loss of liquid.

This way, by having a cover, less water is lost than usual during winter, which means not having to refill the pool as often.


Covering your above-ground pool in winter maintains the water temperature

For an above-ground pool whose water heating system is based on being heated up by the sun, covering it will create an atmosphere that will allow the water to retain the heat overnight. Therefore, the sun that has been shining on the water all day long will be conserved and maintained to the greatest extent possible until the next morning, which is really useful on winter days when you feel like going for a swim. Because by not losing

heat at night, the next morning the water will continue to be even hotter than normal.


This way, you will also save on a pool heating system.


The use of chemicals is reduced

Chemicals are required in order to keep the water quality in good condition, but also for optimal maintenance and hygiene. Therefore, by covering your above-ground pool with a tarp, a winter cover, the use of these products is reduced every night, since the water will become less cloudy and less exposed to the various impurities in the air that cause the water to become stagnant. Also, the continued use of chemicals tends to produce allergies or reactions such as irritation, watery eyes and even asthma. Therefore, getting a tarp for the pool will not only help improve the water quality, but also the health of those who swim in it.


You won’t have to clean the pool as often

The longer the pool is covered, the less dirt the water will trap throughout the day. And to keep the water clean, you also have to spend time cleaning the structure. As a general rule, and especially in winter, the water tends to get even more dirty due to the objects and things that the wind carries at night (branches, leaves, bugs, etc.). Placing a cover will prevent them from falling in and, therefore, from having to continuously clean and remove objects from the inside of the pool.


It’s safer

One of the main reasons for covering your above-ground pool in winter is that a cover provides greater safety in the environment, especially when we have children in our care. Keep in mind that at GRE, there are several thicknesses of covers available, ranging from 580 g/m2 up to 120 g/m2 for winter covers, and from 400µ to 180µ for isothermic covers. They are made of materials such as reinforced PVC or polyethylene. It’s important to keep in mind that tarps or isothermic covers do not offer protection against falls.


Find everything you need for installing and maintaining your pool at GRE.

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