Safe swimming pools in the Covid-19 era

We have been living in a Covid-19 pandemic era for almost a year. Many sectors have been affected, but we want to highlight one in particular: how our way of doing sports has changed.

Outdoor sports

Due to constant restrictions and the prohibition of crowds in closed spaces, our way of doing sports has changed. According to an interview in El País, a Spanish newspaper, during the lockdown the bicycle shops sold up to 50% more.


And it is the practice of physical exercise outdoors what has been increasing in this pandemic. People have taken to the streets to practice sports such as running, hiking or cycling.


But what about indoor sports like swimming? Are they no longer safe?

Safe pools

When it comes to the safety of a public swimming pool during a pandemic, there are different opinions. On the one hand, there are people who think that it is not a safe sport because you cannot use a mask and inevitably the mucus is trapped in the water.


On the other hand, there are those who think that the pool is one of the safest places since the water itself requires a chlorine-based disinfectant treatment that eliminates all kind of viruses and bacteria found in the water.

Water treatments

Although it may appear that the pool is not a Covid-19 free place, it can become if it is tracked correctly.


In other words, it is true that chlorine is used to eliminate not only bacteria but also viruses that people can deposit in water. So the right amount of chlorine can prevent contagion.


However, there are other factors that must be controlled. For chlorine to act effectively eliminating all viruses and bacteria, the water must be in perfect condition; with a stable and regulated pH level.


Keeping the water in optimal conditions is not a problem in sports centres since there is always one or more people who take care of it and check it periodically.


In private pools where there is not such exhaustive supervision is where the chlorine can lose its effectiveness because it does not monitor the condition of the water so often.

Individual responsibility

Although swimming pools are a safe place to continue playing sports, each person has a responsibility that we must fulfil and respect when we go swimming in a public place.


On the one hand, it is very important to have a shower immediately before and after getting in the water. This will help to eliminate waste and bacteria that we may have on our skin.


In addition, we must avoid direct contact with other people during the bath; As in other public places, maintaining a safe distance is the key in these situations.



Swimming pools are a safe place where you can practice Covid-19 free sports.


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